Call of Cthulhu

Hi folks.

Anyone know of any good resources with tips on running tabletop games of this classic RPG? I’m in the mood to run a game (if I can find enough people here in Wellington!) and want to brush up on my skills.

Saddly, my google-fu is not strong enough today :(

I’ll even consider running a game in Second Life if all else fails I think! Or over VOIP, or both. Or something.


I haven’t looked at it yet, but this is one that gets mentioned all the time:

Fairly simple, but seemingly effective tool for all sorts of games.
It supports plugins that I guess add new specifics for games, and being
opensores lets you hack away at it.

I’d go with this and TeamSpeak. You really need to talk to people for
these sort of games :)

Thanks for the tip!

Oh, I might see if I can sort out a game on Skype if anyone wants to try that out.

It would be either thursday evening my time or sunday morning. I’m in New Zealand so we’re at +12 GMT.

For west coast, at +5 hours and subtract a day. For east, about +9 hours, subtract a day. The rest of you will know your GMT + or - I am sure ;)

Let me know if keen. I hear it’s a good way to run a game.