Call of Cthulu: Cyanide's adaptation of the roleplaying game

I couldn’t find a thread specific to this game (though it is mentioned in The Sinking City thread).

This is Cyanide’s adaptation of the pen and paper roleplaying game. Focused more on investigation and conversation, it appeals a lot to me.

Especially after watching the new RPS preview that gives a nice sense of the mood and of the impact of skill allocation:

Out on the 30th of October. This one goes on my wishlist.

Yep wishlisted also!

I am praying for a decent Lovecraft-ish game.
I think the last Call of Cthulhu was… close? but not quite there. This one looks like its going in the right direction. Here’s hoping!

If only it were text-only.

And without a screen display! Dot-matrix print output only! :)

He. I’m all for the power of imagination. And I wish I had had more than 1 chance to play the pen and paper RPG. That was 30 years ago.

That said, the RPS preview does make this game sound quite atmospheric and like it’s focusing on the right things. We’ll know in a few weeks.

I get this confused with The Sinking City so I’m glad it gets its own thread. Can’t have enough Lovecraftian goodness in my life.

The idea of a typewriter typing itself the text output would be quite appealing and fitting to my conception of the mythos :O

Now I’m thinking we need a Naked Lunch video game.

Here is your soundtrack.


Teletype FTW!


According to Focus Home, this has gone gold.

A bit less than 2 weeks to go. I’m still very much looking forward to this one.

Forget it, Jake. It’s Cyanide.

I don’t know, the mood of this game looks pretty much what it should be. Disturbing, thoroughly disquieting and leading the protagonist towards the abyss.

10 days. I’m nearly tempted to preorder it to play it on the big screen on Halloween. But sanity and experience might prevail (one last time) and I might way for some reviews.

The embargo is up, so I can now officially write that this game sucks. I got about halfway, and then I gave up, which is why I will not be posting a front page review for this. Jank as all hell. Bad dialogue. Mediocre mystery. Frustrating gameplay. Absolutely no, I mean ZERO, scares.

Good sense of dread though. I was dreading every time the game gave me another “run and hide from the monster” sequence because of how annoying and dependent on trial and error they are.

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote to @tomchick a few days ago:

I think the player character may be the most bumbling-but-lucky investigator to step into an occult mystery since Clouseau accidentally disintegrated Commissioner Dreyfus.

An example of the deep investigative techniques used in conversation:

PC: Who is Cat?

NPC Goon: Hey! You ain’t supposed to know about her! Let’s just say she’s in charge around here, and don’t like nobody asking too many questions. She’ll cut you a new smile.

PC: I want to get in Warehouse 36.

NPC Goon: You can’t go in what the Boss don’t want you in.

PC: Cat sent me.

NPC Goon: Yeah? Well tell me something only someone what knows her would know.

PC: She’s got a knife that she uses to cut people.

NPC Goon: Oh, Jeez! I guess I better let you in. hey, don’t tell Cat about this, okay?

Yeah, unfortunately that was the sense I got from the xBox trailer. It did not look good at all, even visually.

Ah well, Back to Arkham Horror LCG.

Here’s the other thread:


For what it’s worth, I could tell from the trailer it was going to be terrible. Plus from the fact that it’s Cyanide. I love what those guys try to do, but they always manage to screw it up somehow. :(