Call of Duty 2 (360) bug

I just finished the stage on Rommel’s Last Stand where you have to man the anti-aircraft guns. I’m playing on regular difficulty. I beat the stage, got the victory message and then clicked on next mission.

I was immediately taken back to the beginning of the game to the Russian Winter War training stage. I didn’t know WTF was going on so I went to my mission select screen and now everything is locked except for The Winter War and Rommel’s Last Stand. Looks like my save is now corrupt also.

Just a warning, for those who have it. Using a different save method than this guy might help you avoid this.

Also, people say the multiplayer doesn’t work very well. What’s up with that? Anyone have the game and finding the multiplayer no good? This was one of the games I figured on getting. :-?

I also know there was talk at GAF about Ridge Racer 6 having a major bug in it whereby having your PC connected to your 360 for all that functionality caused the online play in RR6 to be like a slideshow. They determined that removing other network connected devices from the 360’s setup fixed that and RR6 became nicely playable online.


thats weird. My wife and I rent the third floor of our house to her best friend. She was playing some CoD 2 on the 360 earlier tonight and the same thing happened to her. However, it didn’t happen to me. She was playing on easy and I’m playing on regular.

Her save isnt corrupt though, it loaded just fine.

As for multiplayer, I havent played on live, just local, and its ok

If you get a chance to try it on Live, I’d like to hear how that is. Maybe someday I can play it against you. :-?


weird weird weird. I just went through that mission for her again and it dumped me back at training. thats screwed up

just played some on live. It’s ok. It reminds me of Halo meets counter-strike. I think the single player game is this ones biggest asset.

let me add something to that. As much as I love live and everything about it, I prefer, 100%, to play with friends and not random live users. Not to say that the people I was playing with/against were dicks or anything, but I just rarely play on live unless its with people I know. That may sour my experience some.

I feel the opposite, the multiplayer in this game absolutely rocks my proverbial socks. Single player…eh not so much aside from stunning visual and aural output(showcase audio really). Granted about 4 hours is all a friend let me play last weekend(most of it dedicated to Live matches), but it left a positive enough impression on me. Far more methodical than the run and gun antics of PDZ online, the 8-player limit and tight maps lend itself well to building constant tension and those lovely cat-and-mouse duels.

I’d assume all the complaints over the lobby system and friends list are accurate, but given I wasn’t playing on my account, hitting Quick Match still kept me plenty satisfied those many hours.