Call of Duty 2: Second tour, just like the first

And this is the crux of what makes Call of Duty 2 work. When something is this well done, just because you’ve seen it all before doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeing again.

I must say, that is a great ending line. It really wraps up Call of Duty nicely, but it also rings very true.

With the CoD2 demo, a bud of mine suggested using the Direct X 7.0 mode setting. I know it technically turns off some space age bells and whistles, but it still looked excellent to me and it was the difference between a slide show and a relatively smooth running action game on my system (AMD64 3200+, Radeon 9800 Pro, 1gig system memory). Actually I wish CoD2 coulda been done with FEAR’s engine which runs terrific on my system at all times – but maybe that’s cause it’s shorter on outdoor sequences and scenes with a zillion soldiers running around. :P

You missed a golden opportunity to name this thread “Second tour, same as before,” Tom.

Umm, that’s actually what I meant to do. The phrase isn’t “Second verse, same as the first”? Man, I need to hire someone to write deks and headlines for me…


It is, but ‘first’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘tour,’ whereas ‘before’ sort of almost does. It might rhyme a little better if you are Canadian, I’m not sure. ;)

In what country does “first” rhyme with “verse”? :)


Making it worse, the reference I know (Violent Femmes) is “Third verse, same as the first!”

There’s a Berlin map? Did I skip something in the campaign?

It’s the Wallenberg map, or whatever it is, where you cross the Rhine at the very end. My bad. German cities all look the same to me.

I thought there were going to emend it this morning, so I’m surprised the Berlin thing is still in there. We got an email from someone who insisted I obviously hadn’t finished the game and was just making stuff up. I also goofed and credited Infinity Ward with the UO expansion, which was Grey Matter.

But keep the corrections coming!


Ah, I thought maybe I’d missed something by skipping the end of the Russian campaign. I thought that was the weakest of the three parts.

Hey, don’t feel bad. I already got an email from someone nitpicking that the Grease gun has 32 rounds per clip instead of 30.

I already got an email from someone nitpicking that the Grease gun has 32 rounds per clip instead of 30.

Like, duh!



I’m also riding Carmack’s dick for scoring Quake 4 1 point higher than Brett scored F.E.A.R.

I love my readers dearly.

I finally finished this three years later. First shooter I’ve ever finished! Now I just need to blow out Doom 3, Halflife 1 and 2, Painkiller, Far Cry and the Chronicles of Riddick. I should be finished sometime around 2018.

Why do I keep buying these shooters anyway?

Anyway great game, thanks for the recommendation Tom! I mean back in 05 when I bought it.

Well done!

Skip CoD 3 and go grab CoD IV. It’s chock full of creamy awesome!

Yeah in 2019 I should be playing though COD IV.

Just like my C…wait…nm.

Hmm. Good save.

Don’t worry about Doom 3, yuri. Do HL1 and Far Cry (the first half) and you’ll be in great shape.

In 2011.

I’m playing them in order of hard drive space not in order of good gameness. Half life 2 may be hiding due to the huge file that is called ‘steam’ but I can’t just delete Steam or I lose 20 games.