Call of Duty 3 under development

So Infinity Ward is also working on CoD 3:

Does anyone else think it’s about time there was a German campaign in one of those WWII FPS games? Or that it’s about time Infinity worked on a Vietnam game instead of WWII?

anyone tired of the same shooter redone over and over and over and over and over and over and…(breath)…over?


Re-fight WW2! Again and again and again… and again… and again…

<Otto the bus driver> Have you got any books from the Vampire’s point of view? </Otto the bus driver>

You know, I’d buy this if one of the german missions had me manning an MG nest at Omaha beach.

I’m just hoping they don’t use the same engine as Call of Duty 2, unless it’s seriously tweaked… or we will get a Jedi Academy sequel to Jedi Outcast :lol:

I’ve actually really enjoyed Call of Duty. However, it was one of my first WWII shooters. I played RtCW and BF1942, but both are doing really different things. CoD had a very team-structured single-player (Yes, that was scripted to hell and back), but I really enjoyed it’s multiplayer aspect a lot. Still playing CoD UO to this date.

I haven’t been very irked by the repetitivity of WWII shooters yet, but it just might be because I haven’t bought a lot of them (Never got Enemy Terrorities, or any BF expansion, or any MOH game, or BiA). It’s still an area I’m interested in, and I think there’s room for expansion.

I’m just biased though, probably. CoD UO was one of the first games that got me addicted to MP for awhile.

You never got Enemy Territory? Was there any reason why not? You do know that it was completely, 100% free right? As in you didn’t have to pay a penny for it? It was definitely a good multiplayer game, it would’ve been worth $50 if there were more maps, so you should definitely give it a try ;).

I know it’s free, but I just haven’t got it yet. I played the original RtCW at an internet cafe once, and I was really disappointed. And I played a lot of RtCW on Xbox for MP as well, and again, it didn’t leave me very excited.

I should give it another chance, though. I’m a sucker for free games.

IIRC, one of the MG gunners interviewed after the war said that they were praying that the Americans would stop landing men on the beach for them to kill. It was just meaningless slaughter.

or we will get a Jedi Academy sequel to Jedi Outcast Laughing

So in other words, a sequel with vastly improved gameplay mechanics and multiplayer balance over its predecessor?

This was exactly my situation. I never had played any WWII shooters before Call of Duty. Even then, I played CoD, the expansion, the MoHAA, and a little of BiA, but that was it. So I never really got bored of WWII FPS games. I wouldn’t more CoD games, but hopefully the creative talent at IW is daring enough to create an FPS in the same franchise that uses a different perspective (like the Germans or the Japanese), or covers a different war, like Korea or Vietnam.

Wonder if they’ll try to pack this one full of everything?
CoD had squad missions, vehicle missions, rail shooter missions, sniper missions, defence missions, lone assault missions, lose-all-your-weapon missions and MoH-style one man army assault on huge, well guarded factory (or was it a dam?) missions.

COD: Sands of Iwo Jima?

Now that we’ve done SPR and BoB utterly to death is it time to get out the older pacific theatre films and do those ad nauseum as well?

Please, please, please do something interesting with the genre in this one. Another tightly scripted, one man army WWII shooter taking it’s plot and action sequences from Hollywood films and I think I’m going to cry.

Yeah, they should try a completely different setting. How about you as a soldier in the distant future, fighting an evil corporation or alien species? That’d be different.

Oh, wait…

what’s to stop COD3 from being a non-WW2 shooter? Why can’t it be Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, whatever? Okay, Desert Storm is probably less likely, but still… it’s a franchise name, and could easily be adapted to other historical conflicts.

I’d give my right nut (OK, that’s just hyperbole since I think my wife wouldn’t open the jar to let it out) for a Civil War CoD3.

for a Civil War CoD3

They’d just end up doing Pickett’s Charge like Omaha Beach, except that instead of tank traps to hide behind, you’d be hiding behind fences or something.

Make it something with a civil war backdrop, but also cowboy action. The good, the bad and the ugly.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

You could have a 3-way gunfight where the longer you hold off shooting, the higher you score.

Then again, Eli Wallach’s Tuco character would be a perfect videogame villian.