Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's tribute to press button gameplay

Title Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's tribute to press button gameplay
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When November 3, 2014

Press F to pay respects to your fallen comrades. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Day Zero Edition has players dying by the millions in battles between exoskeleton-enhanced super soldiers today..

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Not quite as bad as one of the lowest moments of the past decade of video games, from Homefront:
"Press X- Hide in Mass Grave"
You know, there's none of this kind of shit in Bayonetta 2. I think I'll go play that.

Does the screen keep filling up with prompts to press "F to pay respects" in order to visualize the guilt the main character feels about surviving while other, possibly more worthy men have been cut down in their prime?

Seriously, why did they feel the need to add the needed button prompt to the mission marker if they are going to have it turn up in the foreground anyways?

Double tap LT and RT to scream No.

It's not hard to imagine some mid-level publishing executive at Activision tearing up when the dev team showed him this scene in the highlight reel. Hell, I'll bet the PR rep from the Marine Corp did too. More and more I get the feeling that the people in charge of making big AAA games are completely out of touch with the experience of actually playing these games.

I dunno, I do wonder if Sledgehammer are having a bit of a laugh at all of us and CoD....

Is that a PFC with a blood stripe on his trousers? You don't get to wear that until you're an NCO, which in the Marines is Corporal (E-4) and up.

Well, the year is 2054... so maybe that will change until then.

In Shadow of Mordor I was prompted to "press X to reforge" straight out of the tutorial. Which was pretty funny.

Did you get to the part where you are prompted, "Press X to Make Tolkien Roll in Grave"?

Is this real or is this just a doctored screenshot?

It's real.

My favorite is probably still Heavy Rain's "Press X to Jason".

Actually, that would be a good name for a gaming memoir.

Press X to Jason is such a classic. It's so stupid that I've lost track of whether its stupid or ingenious. Wait, I think I meant that the other way around. At any rate, it was the best and most memorable part of Heavy Rain.

Is F the same button used to stealth kill? If so, I hope we get an indignant editorials from someone who doesn't like pressing stealth kill buttons to kiss his wife in Shadow of Mordor!