Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 doesn't get Roman numerals


I’ve only played a bit as I have severe gaming ADD as of late. It’s really fun, but I only like it in short bursts. I think this is due to the manic pace of the game compared to PUBG. I can play PUBG for hours on end and not feel wiped out. Not exactly a fault of the game in any way, but just my casual observation as of now. It would help if I had people to group with. Right now I started trying random squads. Most of the rounds went just about the way you would expect. ;)


When I’ve played it seems like it gets down to under 40 people really quick as a bunch of people jump into the same place and get slaughtered. The best I’ve done is 14th I think, and 1 kill and damaging someone else. Definitely gets the adrenaline going though. The Zombie maps look like they should be fun, and the mp modes as well.


I won a solo match on I think my 9th or 10th round? I have an epic amount of BR time so that’s not too shocking. My aim really isn’t very good in this game yet, but I know how to try and not die in the first 10 minutes.


Yeah, you don’t want to be in that initial death wave. I’m playing solo so far so it’s just a matter of finding a relatively safe landing spot and then skulking around for a bit after gearing up.

The thing about battle royale is a lot of people want to play at a breakneck pace and that’s a sure way to end up dead. You can’t possibly get the drop on everyone and I will make sure to cap your ass while you loot duffle bags if you try to. I watched Ninja yesterday and as good as he is, he’s always moving and it cost him often. He was not winning regularly.

Staying unseen may not be the sexy way to win, but it’s pretty damn effective.


In PUBG if you pull the logs of the games they play you will see that they die quickly 90% of the time. What gets tossed on the internet are the few rounds where it went well. It was pretty eye opening when I saw that as I felt like an idiot hot dropping and getting wacked 90% of the time.

Of course they still are like 100 times better than me, but yes hot dropping is not a solid way to win games.


The cinematic story bits under the Specialist HQ is confusing. Was this stuff they originally made for a regular CoD story campaign, then just decided to put into the game after they dropped the campaign?


About where to drop and how to play … good armor, sensor darts, 9-bangs et al win games, and after the initial drop it’s difficult to find new places to loot, so your best bet is to scavenge items from other players. And if you cold drop, it’s by definition at a place without a ton of loot.

Obligatory hot drop chicken dinner video:

I didn’t even know there were cinematics; is that in the menu somewhere?


It’s under the Specialist HQ area. There’s a list of cinematic bits that kind of string together into a rough story, as well as character cinematic files in the dossiers. It all seems like content from the cut campaign.


There are other bits you get by completing certain achievements as well. I’ve watched all the ones for the bronze stars, but haven’t gone beyond that initial learn how the different specialists work part.


For folks playing on the xbox how well does the mature content (or whatever it is called) filter option work? I will take a look when I get a chance tonight on the pc, but my nephew is begging his parents for the game so he can play blackout (big fortnite fan), and they were wanting to know if it is inappropriate for jr high kid.


Eh my 8 year old was like this sucks, and went back to playing Fortnite.


I actually play with it on because I’ve got enough cussing daily without a game swearing at me. It’s actually pretty good at censoring for junior high level. Now obviously Zombies gets pretty intense, but in Blackout mode I think it’s pretty benign (although there are zombies! In Blackout!)

This is on PS4 but I’m sure it’s fine on Xbox too. It cut a lot of language in the Firebreak bit where some of that solo bot stuff is played. Burning dudes is still rather graphic though


CoD campaign dead forever confirmed.

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 18, 2018-- Activision’s Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 has sold more than $500 million in sell-through (Note: this is sold, not shipped) worldwide in its first three days of release as the total number of players climbed from last year. Through its first three days of release, Black Ops 4 set a new Call of Duty® franchise record for most combined players, average hours per player and total number of hours played, on current generation consoles. The combined number of Black Ops 4 players across its three modes of play during those first three days tops both last year’s Call of Duty: WWII, as well as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (single player, multiplayer and zombies), respectively, for the same period of time.

Additional bit:

The first Call of Duty release on Blizzard®, Black Ops 4 on PC continues to be significantly above last year, as the number of players is more than double year over year through its first three days.


Being on is huge. That makes this a whole different release in the series from the ones before it.


So does the standard edition not come with all the modes (zombie and blackout)? And does it not come with all the maps either? I went to the blizzard store website to see what is in the deluxe vs standard and bullet points for deluxe were a bunch of space-buck points and stuff about ‘maps!’ and ‘zombies’ that weren’t in the standard edition. Is this correct?


I got the standard edition, it has the zombies and blackout modes…


its one zombie map that the pass gets and people with that map can host it for people who dont have it


Ok, that makes more sense. Thanks


Pitchforks and torches are being passed out, seems the dev’s messed with network settings since beta to save money.


well that explains a lot… i can’t kill shit in blackout unless I’m spamming an MG, and I’m on fiber. I’m not exactly an FPS nub