Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 doesn't get Roman numerals


I know CODs prioritise framerate for gameplay reasons, and that that’s what their players want… but couldn’t they find just a few more polygons down the back of the sofa?

The bigger open areas do offset that a bit in this one from that video.


It’s definitely less detailed than regular Call of Duty multiplayer, but then again it’s way smoother, and looks better than PUBG.


Some of the Call of Duty stuff looks a bit goofy bolted into a BR game, like the weapon bob and how fast it is to scope in.

The helicopters are going to sell a lot of copies.

I also wonder if we’ll see a convergence of Call of Duty celebrity marketing with celebrities already streaming BR games like Fortnite for fun.


Been watching Twitch streamers the past couple days, and it almost seems like unanimous approval of both Fortnite and PUBG streamers. They are having a blast - although obviously they mention tweaks here and there that should be made. I’m surprised by how smooth the game is right now, considering I normally watch PUBG streams. This almost improves on all aspects of PUBG - although I’m sure there will be a lot of people who prefer the slower pace.

It’s fun watching everyone basically start out fresh together, while they fumble with the controls and learning the weapons. Much much more fast paced than PUBG - the circle is more of a nuisance than a necessary game mechanic to force the game to finish. It’s much easier to flush out campers too with the sensor dart.


*raises hand*

Hell, I’d like it even slower, Insurgency style.

I’ll try the beta on PC this weekend, but it looks way too chaotic (not to mention insanely low recoil and stupidly high ttk) for what I want from my BR game.


I spent a good 4-5 hours playing this yesterday and 1,750 hours playing PUBG over the past year. (Look up my steam account if you don’t believe me. ;) ) While I’ll certainly appreciate the mouse and keyboard when the PC beta drops this game mode is outstanding. I’m pretty much 100% burned out on PUBG for various reasons and this will certainly replace it. And that’s just one section of this game. You still have zombies and the other mutliplayer stuff. I was originally was planning on getting BF5, but after playing both betas COD is the easy choice.

The combat is fun and accessible. The matches start quick. You can fly freaking helicopters. You can shoot from water. You can fly freaking helicopters. There’s neat little things like the scout car. Shotguns are actually really useful as opposed to pubg where you whiff half the time.

I still have 2 PS4 codes left if anyone wants to give it a shot. I gave 1 away earlier today. I’ll probably end up buying the pc version, but the idea of not having to worry about hackers is kind of intriguing. In PUBG you never really knew if you just lost or the other dude was hacking. Or that their crappy netcode just messed up.


i was watching the chocoTaco twitch for this game and he and his group seemed to feel this game is better than Fortnite or PUBG. They found the weapons “more fun”.


Eurogamer seems to like it.


Definitely what BLOPS has going for it is it is fresh for players - which is the point of attack for all these Battle Royale things it seems.Problem is fresh has an expiration date.


Yeah, this is not for me. Never mind that I can’t get a stable 60+ fps on medium/low (at 75% resolution), but the combat and movement is way too fast for my liking, and I find the no-recoil weapons being incredible boring to use. But I guess that’s CoD for you. I do, however, objectively think the inventory management system is tedious to use, as it’s clearly designed for consoles.


If you still have a PS4 code - I wouldn’t mind trying it out. Believe the beta ends Monday night?


I think Octaveous gave me his last code. I played this for two hours or more last night. My best so far has been sixth place, but it’s been very frustrating. I have no kills, which is what gives you experience.

It’s an interesting push and pull. The instinct is to find a good hiding spot and wait for people to come to you so you get the drop on them. But I never have the patience to make it work. Sometimes I wait so long, but eventually I go out and start looking for people and get killed.


Camping is super disincentivised with the sensor dart which tells people where you are.


Gave out the last one yesterday. Sorry


I found one of those once. I haven’t figured out how to use items yet though.

I played about 10 more rounds today, trying to get my first kill.

Unfortunately, no luck. The best I did was when I got the drop on some people coming in from a blue zone, but they were really far away. There’s no way to know what weapon you have, but the thing I found looked kind of sniper rifle-ish, so I used it at a long distance. But nope, it was super-inaccurate at long distances. And I didn’t have much ammo for it. So I hurt a few people, but didn’t kill them. Guy got into the house and found me and killed me before I realized he was there.

If only I’d picked up better weapons!


Using the darts is pretty easy - you just use the right bumper / r1 / grenade button. On consoles at least the quick inventory selection you can do with the dpad lets you quickly switch which throwable you want to throw.


I guess I’ll share my thoughts here too:


Interesting. I hope the final game has a tutorial to teach the player things like this. So you hit people with the dart gun first, tag them, and then switch to a regular gun to start shooting them?


The dart gun is shot, say, on the wall of a building’s exterior, and it creates a small circle on the mini-map which indicates the presence of any hostiles as blinking red dots. So, it can show multiple hostiles, and their rough location. Often, it is enough to tell you that, yes, someone is lurking inside the building.


Oh wow. I wonder how people found out about this? I guess in the early days of the beta, people just tried using all the equipment they found to try to find out what it did, trial and error style? Or did the beta come with some kind of documentation?