Call of Duty: Black Ops

Do we not have a thread for this? It seems not. I could only find the MW2 thread.

Anyway, they released info about Wager Matches, which is where you bet a certain amount of points that you will finish a match in the top three.

One in the Chamber – Players will start with pistols only, one bullet, and three lives. If you kill someone you get a bullet.

Sticks and Stones – Players start with a crossbow and a ballistic knife, and a tomahawk. If a player is killed with a tomahawk they go bankrupted.

Gun Game – All players start with pistol, and every kill gives you a better weapon. First one to progress through the weapons wins. If you get knifed you get reset a level.

Sharp Shooter – All players start with the same randomly selected weapon. Weapons cycle, but everyone has the same weapon.

They also announced offline bots! Hell, I may actually be getting this game just for the bots.

That is great news!

These wager matches look like a ton of fun too.

Wow. I need to buy this.

Theater mode like Halo 3!

This was the previous thread on this game. I like the title of this one better.

I was at the event in question tonight and played a good amount of the standard and wager match modes. It’s solid. The map design and gameplay hold up against Infinity Ward’s on just about every level. Still need to play it in a more controlled setting and for longer to really dig into the balance and the nuances, but this looks to be Treyarch’s strongest entry in the series by a very, very large margin.

The wager matches are a great idea. It was really hard to pull myself away from Sharpshooter (constantly cycling random weapons).

Good to hear. (Except for my wallet.)

Gun Game – All players start with pistol, and every kill gives you a better weapon. First one to progress through the weapons wins. If you get knifed you get reset a level.

I recently went back for some DoD: Source action and ended up on a server that had this.
Everyone started with the same crap gun and with every few kills you got “promoted” (gained a level) and got a better weapon (with unlimited ammo).
Was great fun but pretty unfair once the best players got the RPG launchers…

I want to play that One in the Chamber mode so badly it’s not even funny.

If this wasn’t a Day1 purchase already it certainly is now.

Heh i came to post about this. Looks like great fun, i can easily see myself spending a lot of time in the wager matches. Looks like Treyarch has stepped up to the challenge so far.

I’m really impressed. My only decision now is 360 or PC?

I can’t view clips because I’m at work so I’ll ask: What determines the top 3 of a Wager match? Just kills? Or do you lose points for dying?
Thing I hate about free for all is that it just goes by kills, regardless of how many times you die.

Pretty sure it was just kills. The penalty for dying is losing the perks you earn for each kill, which give you a significant advantage, particularly once you hit the “2X Score” one. So you don’t lose points for dying, but it is most certainly in your best interests to not die.

One in the Chamber and Sticks and Stones sound awesome. Hope there’s non-wager modes for those cause I’d lose hard.

I skipped MW 2.

I’m pretty interested, except for the fact that you are basically guaranteed that you will need to buy at the very least 2-3 map packs over the course of the experience which adds to basically the price of another new game…

I’m torn between this, Brink and Halo: Reach. Only money for one this year…

Is there a site that allows you to download the clip(s) rather than stream?

nevermind, I found a great firefox app that lets you download clips from any site.

I think the game looks absolutely fucking incredible. I am a bit upset that the knife isnt a secondary as we were promised earlier in development, but my god this looks deep and customizable and awesome.

Like razarok I skipped MW2, but I am increasingly interested in this.

The various MP modes all sound interesting and the offline bot mode with upgrades and progression should be pretty cool. I’m sure the single-player will be ridiculous, but I’m always up for some man-shooting around the globe. There is also the added bonus that the PC version appears to be taken seriously this time around.

Yes Treyarch has really taken the PC-community serious. Dedicated servers will be back and controllable vehicles are included.

Sadly though, between this and Reach, I’m going have to go with Reach.