Call of Duty: Black Ops

I still haven’t tried the zombie mode in Black Ops. Is it the same as the one in World At War, or did they change things?

If you have trouble beating the 12-18 year olds on twitchy reflexes, do what I do… camp like a boss!

This works really well if you taunt them in the lobby, which enrages them and causes them to run into your bullets even more.

I’m pretty sure that when you get them to shriek and cry that you have won in a way that your score could never possibly reflect.

What the-?

The new zombie map features Danny Trejo, Michael Rooker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, and George Romero.

No, really.

Looks awesome! I can’t wait to hear what Trejo’s one liners are.

sweet zombie jesus

What’s the verdict on the Escalation map pack? I’ve got some time off from work, and I’m thinking about getting back into BlOps, and I’m wondering if it’s worth it?

I’d say it’s decent. Is it worth $15? I don’t know. I’ve never paid that much for a map pack before, and I won’t start now.

I like it. One of the best map packs so far IMHO. Pretty varied and value for money even at their inflated prices.

Bought this through the Xbox gold deal this weekend.
Wow, the game play has not aged well at all! Tons of scripted events, which requires multiple replays to figure out what you are expected to do (napalm barrels …!).
The story is keeping me curious, but the gameplay gets old fast. Hong Kong level was fun though.

Almost bought it, glad I passed then.

You talking about Black Ops 3? that has it’s own thread. Also I would never recommend any CoD for the campaign. I’m having a blast in the multiplayer though

We’re talking about the original Black Ops. It recently became backwards compatible and was on sale on Xbox Live for $10 too.

I also played a bit more last night. I’m still trying to escape from Russian prison. Last time I was too bored to continue with the campaign in Cuba, now I’m bored in Russia. So far the campaign is just soooooo lacking in any interesting gameplay. Move forward, shoot at folks. Move forward, shoot at folks. Even their attempts to vary it up a little (grab the harpoon!) end up being a frustrating puzzle (shoot at the helicopter! But wait! Choose your moment! You’re dead! Reload from checkpoint. Choose your moment! You’re dead! Reload from checkpoint. Repeat for 10 minutes until you get the correct section of the helicopter that corresponds to the scripted moment they want you to see). Gah. I hate this stupid game so much.

Very similar to Advanced Warfare’s SP then. You’d think we’d learn.

I enjoyed the story in the first black ops, but I’ll agree the campaign gameplay always bored me. Unless the story is pushed forward in a way that keeps you engaged and actually doing fun and interesting things, I’d rather just watch a movie. It’s why I tend to gravitate towards multiplayer instead in all games. I’ll either watch a movie or play a game, don’t want to do both at the same time. Some RPG’s stradle that line pretty well though.

Spot on.
I’m still finding the story slightly interesting, but progressing with that gameplay feels more work than play.
I remember this is the reason I’ve passed on all recent CoDs since finishing Modern Warfare 2. Sad to hear that little has changed since then.

Wasn’t there one of the CODs where you could simply run through everything without firing your gun at all, since it was all scripted?

I believe it wast the the intro sequence to BLOPS. There was a video of someone getting through it without doing anything but following the marker.
However, later sections are very much a game of guess the map triggers.

I’ve made some progress over the last two years since my last post. I have to admit when they had me sit across from President Kennedy and I was wondering “Wait, are they going to make me kill Kennedy in the situation room?” The game was kind of interesting in that moment.

Now I’m in the next mission moving forward and shooting at folks. And moving forward and shooting at folks.

I stopped playing maybe half-way through due to boredom (but maybe I’ll pick it up again eventually). The story is semi-interesting, but it’s clear that Treyarch was still badly imitating IW when it came to campaign gameplay design.