Call of Duty gets political

Call of Duty gets political This is the splash screen that will greet you in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare if you fire up the game today. After years of denying that Call of Duty was a game with a political message, (even with mountains of evidence to the contrary) it seems like Activision Blizzard is finally ready to say something political with their platform. Hurrah! Unfortunately, it may sound a little hypocritical to some.

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The funny thing is, there will be people that absolutely hate this. Wait, is funny the word I’m looking for?

Please. As if these corporations actually care about these (or any) issues. It’s all a smokescreen to distract people from how much money they are making (and in which ways).
Everytime I see one of these I think back to this pic: Northrop Grumman Diversity
“sure we sell 30billion dollars of weapons every year, but look how progressive we are.”

I think it’s a mistake to contextualize this as “getting political”. On this subject, Us vs. Them is a false narrative that should be thoroughly rejected. This is Call of Duty stating the obvious.

Everyone agrees that black lives matter except for an extremely tiny percent of the population and their numbers continue to dwindle.

I’m not sure what BLM as an organization is meant to accomplish at this point. All of these companies falling over themselves to say they support BLM when they do not, nor should they, support the goals of BLM (defund the police). So what exactly is the point of saying you support BLM other than to avoid them calling you racist?

Unity! Compassion! Solidarity!

I’m as cynical as the next guy, but, these days, I’ll take it where I can get it.

At least they’re not ignoring it, which is what I intend to do the local companies that are doing exactly that. The next time I hear someone tell me I should shop local, I’m going to remind them that that company over there basically tried to sit it out when Civil Rights came knocking.

They don’t have to throw everything into it, but the racists won’t like it, and that’s certainly worthwhile. I’ll wait for them to start burning their consoles and throwing the games out the window in response.

For the most part it’s companies with dedicated marketing/communications that are putting these things out. I’ve seen some local shops post a message, but mostly the ones that were already good about using social media or actually knew how to update their website.

If they can post a hey, we’re open even during COVID 19 or hey, we’re fully open now message, they can do the other message too. It’s not a hard ask.

I haven’t seen great communication during covid either, but I suppose. You don’t owe anyone your business.

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Universal healthcare, taxing the wealthy, gun control, and now police oversight.

I’m losing track of the number of things that would make America JUST LIKE STALIN!

But not silencing protesters, that’s just business.

I can’t even understand what the thought process was in that comment, it’s just raw anger at being a rational consumer - which, of course, isn’t why he’s angry.

I haven’t seen this old chestnut in a while “Racists are just a tiny percentage of the population”, good one! Buddy, the percentage of people who hold casual racist views is huge, probably around 30-50%. Even the percentage of hardcore racism is high (send em back or to the ovens), as it probably hovers around 10%.

“Probably around…”

Its pretty comical that you patronized me with statistics that you seemingly pulled out your behind. Please don’t bother linking some website that attempts to quantify “casual racist views” or whatever the hell that means.

You’re also arguing a point I didn’t make. Find me the stats on people who think black lives don’t matter.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Google? Literally took me three minutes. Lo and Behold! 10% is pretty damn close:

In an ABC News/ Washington Post poll taken just after the Charlottesville rally in August 2017, 9 percent of the respondents said they thought it was strongly or somewhat acceptable to hold neo–Nazi or white supremacist views. As ABC News reported at the time, that’s equivalent to about 22 million Americans.

I would suggest that 9% is not “an extremely tiny percent of the population,” but you might find that comical…

Those things are great, I happen to live in a country that has them (4th to lesser extent). Don’t put words in my mouth.
Also happens to be a country that was, barely a generation ago, ruled by commies that wanted to control what people thought, and saying the wrong thing or going against the tide by not reciting the latest “correct” political message of the day, was swiftly punished.
It’s sad to see the US go this way, mostly cause it is in a position to infect other places with its bad ideas.

So semantics then? What exactly is an extremely tiny percent?

Do you honestly think that 22 million people is an “extremely tiny percent”?

Yes it’s all semantics over my wording.

You’re hanging your hat on one poll of 1k randoms. I have serious doubts to the accuracy of that and the automatic extrapolation to 22 million Americans supporting neo-nazism. I’d be more prone to believe that number if it was attached to the response “I don’t know what neo-nazism is”.

There are dozens of articles written on that one poll though so I understand where you guys are getting this misplaced idea from.