Call of Duty gets political

You’re conflating multiple things here. Protesting is different than rioting and looting. I don’t think Americans have a problem with people protesting, it’s the rioting and burning down their cities that they don’t like so much - go figure.

The public has every right to be suspicious and push back against BLM. Their demands are hot garbage. Even Democrat leaders don’t want anything to do with their #1 goal “defund the police”.

What exactly is the point of supporting a group when you don’t agree with their ideas? Isn’t that a tad disingenuous?

To be clear I 100% agree that every black life matters. I don’t think the group BLM really cares about black lives though. They should have went with their first choice “black lives only matter when killed by white cops” or BLOMWKBWC.

I suggest supporting something like or if you really care about the subject and are looking to enact reasonable solutions.

Well there you have it. You know nothing about BLM if you think it’s “the” group. You could spend half a minute actually knowing what you are talking about before you dismiss it. Yeah, I know the shtick, “I think racism is bad but damn if I’ll do anything about it”, oh and don’t talk about it, don’t push anything on me, just you know, continue for centuries as is, and I’ll sit here and wish and hope things will change. Oh and because I think I’m so smart, I’ll just ask people to do something else “if” they care about it because, score points there for going that route.

Spoken like a true zealot.

/slow clap

Well you know, I have this thing about racism. It’s not really limited to arguments on the internet and outrage that a company has taken a stand against it. It’s also based on actual knowledge about the BLM movement. It’s a movement by the way not a group but go ahead and just make shit up as you usually do.

Black Lives Matter has a website where they describe themselves as a global organization. They take donations and there are numerous chapters. I’m not sure what is offensive about the term “group” as opposed to “movement”. That seems very petty and uncontroversial.

BLM appears to be above reproach to many and I don’t find that helpful at all.

Kalief Bowder

Eric Garner

Tamir Rice

Breonna Taylor

Ahmaud Arbery

Alton Sterling

Stephon Clark

George Floyd

We’re not here to make you comfortable. Racism is disgusting. It’s been 400 years of oppression, abuse and trauma and death. There’s no single leader. No single group. It’s community based… and good luck beating that back. You’re damn right you’re going to have a hard time taking BLM down.

There were 18 murders in Chicago this past weekend alone. Do you know their names? Do you care or is it only an injustice when it’s a white cop killing a black man?

That’s one city and one weekend. It was the worst weekend in decades but I hope you get the point here. Death by police officer is an outlier statistic for whites and blacks.

Police simply ARE NOT randomly executing black people en masse or at the levels that the outrage and commentary would suggest.

Next you’ll say that in 2019 there were just 10 unarmed black people shot by police (out of 50 total).
That’s half the numbers killed in Chicago.
But it won’t have an effect because the point is not end of racism, it’s its perpetuation, to be used as a rallying cry. Same for other -isms and -phobias.
“You bad, we good. Now swear allegiance to our new religion and maybe we’ll allow you to keep existing.”

The goal posts are constantly in motion to satisfy the lack of purpose people seemingly have in their lives and the insatiable need for outrage.

You guys think this is a game. That it’s some sort of debate class where you show points and pat each other on the back. You know nothing. You can feel nothing. Dust on your tongue and ice in your hearts. This is not a movement you can kill with your indifference and hate. It’s bigger than you and me.

There is no one leader for you to discredit or attack. No one group to beat or punch or shoot… as the police are figuring out each night. You are on the wrong side of history, but we will overcome the likes of you again.

This movement can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.


No, I had it right the first time. Thanks though.

I mean, you’ clearly weren’t, but the more your kind talks, the more I almost wish you were.

People with dissenting opinions should be dead.

Yup, I’m definitely the bad guy here. You keep telling yourself that.

Truly pathetic attitude. Not only have I stated that I believe all black lives matter but I have provided links to causes that promote actual tenable positions in the area of law enforcement reform.

Here a couple more racists doing their thing


Yep, definitely an accurate quote.
Also, one of the sites you support calls out to defunding using the term, the other is more specific on where and how without calling it that, so, err, glad you agree.

Uhhh not even close.

“…we at Campaign Zero acknowledge that, even with the best of intentions, the #8CANTWAIT campaign unintentionally detracted from efforts of fellow organizers invested in paradigmatic shifts that are newly possible in this moment. For this we apologize wholeheartedly, and without reservation

Ie shitlords at BLM complained that their ideas are specifically not “defund the police”.

Anything short of “defund the police” is racist, insensitive, triggering, insert woke cliche here.

“Fully defund the police” is right there, sorry it hurts your feelings. Not it I think it’s practical.
But do you think removing military gear and passing partial responsibility to social services doesn’t involve budget shifts, aka, defunding?