Call of Duty Mobile - CoD finally joins all the knock-offs

My brother started playing this a couple weeks ago and has been trying to get me to play. I could never imagine playing a shooter on a phone or a tablet so I told him to fuck off and never to bring up this stupid game again. But today I installed the game after watching some gameplay footage online and I decided to team up with my brother. It turns out I really like this game. It’s very simplistic, which appeals to me when it comes to multiplayer shooters. And it actually runs on my five-year-old devices even though I did not expect it to.

I use an Xbox One controller to play because navigating the game with touch screen controls is a nightmare for me, even though that’s how my brother sees fit to play.

And for some odd reason when I play in casual mode I’m MVP of the match every single game, getting 4x the kills as everybody else. Believe me, that is not a reliable indicatior of my actual skill, because I’m always dead last in other competitive shooters, unless they’re Tribes games. I suspect that the game is lying to me and that my “multiplayer” games are all vs shitty bots. There’s no other reasonable explanation.