Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - 2019's soft reboot of CoD

The new COD MW is an excellent game.

If it weren’t for Apex Legends, I’d probably be playing a ton of CoD: Modern Warfare. As Timex says, the multiplayer is excellent

I haven’t been playing, but apparently the update for this today is 68GB.




A lot of people are pretty sure the 1:20 mark shows a bit of an upcoming Battle Royale mode.

I know that this game caught some flack… But really? It’s an extremely good call of duty game. One of the best in years.

I’m stuck with the “You are missing DLC” error. It shows I have 6 DLC packs but not Multiplayer 2, and there is no way for me to go download that DLC. I have hard rebooted my console, pulled the power, nothing works

Weird. On PS4 it automatically queued up the missing DLC packs for me when I got the notice they were missing.

Yeah, if not for Apex, I’d probably be playing this every night.

There it is.

Yeah a few PS4 folks had the issue too but this was on xbone

Anyone else having issues with this crashing?

No crashes, but I did have some lag and weird behavior yesterday. They also introduced a bug in the multiplayer and battle pass progression system on Friday. No word on fixing that yet.

With three days to go before the end of this battle pass, they picked a lousy time to mess with things. That said, gameplay is so good I didn’t care much and kept playing

I can’t seem to make it through a complete round without it either just dying with no indication of what is wrong, or a couple times saying lost connection status: chronometer. I tried rolling back to an older nvidia driver, reinstalled the shaders, and reinstalled the game itself. It is great fun while it works, but not being able to play more than a few minutes at a time sucks. So I give up after a while and go play some Battlefield, then come back and try yet again. I guess the next attempt will be to move it to my main drive if I can free up 200gb on there. I’ve mainly been trying Ground War, but I also had it happen in a couple of tdm bot games. When it first came out I played a bit of the campaign, and didn’t have any issues.

Hmmm… not sure. I only play online but I’ve been on PS4 lately to finish the battle pass. I haven’t used PC for about a week. If I get a chance I’ll try it there soon

I’ve been playing WZ and the MP trial this weekend, and have had no issues. The game is even installed on an external HDD.

I don’t know what the problem is, but my computer is not getting along with it right now.

One thing the free MP trial has reminded me of, is how much I fucking hate killstreaks. They’re taking what is kind of a fun game and turning it into a pile of dogshit. Every time I’m starting to enjoy the game, then boom, there they are, sucking the fun right out of it.

Bunch of new maps and stuff.

I played the campaign over the weekend, and I actually liked it. Probably the best since the first Black Ops, but to be fair I think the recent ones have been absolutely awful (hate the future stuff and the WWII campaign was ridiculous).

The one thing I agree with Dave on is that it does indeed feel old, but to me this is the good kind of old. What IW introduced with the original Modern Warfare was absolutely brilliant (at the time), and that shit still holds up here.

The mission were you start out buried in a bombed out building was the stand-out, as well as the prison one. But I do think it’s a bit weird that they take real-life American war-crimes and then attribute them to the Russians in this fictional story. Not that I don’t think Russians are capable of doing that, but it’s just weird they went there. In fact, the story didn’t really make much sense overall just like the “twist” midway through.

So… when they did the original Alpha for this game, the mode was Gunfight only. I probably played that more hours than almost any game in the month that came out. Gunfight is sublime.

Right now, you can play Cranked Gunfight… a 3v3 version where a kill starts a ten second timer on a bomb that will kill you if you don’t get another kill in that time. On top of that, Gunfight is using only Blueprint weapons, which makes it even more hair raising than the original mode! If you need a break from the Warzone, and you haven’t had a Gunfight in awhile (and own the full game), for heaven’s sake play some Cranked Gunfight! It’s easily some of the best first person competitive action going in gaming right now. What an amazing mode.

One of my absolute favorite things about this iteration of Call of Duty is that when you kill someone you briefly can hear them if they have a microphone. The creative cussing, words of disbelief that they lost, and just downright crass stuff people shout is pure gold. Sure, sometimes I’m the dead one who’s upset, but it’s all in good fun. There have been times I’ve laughed for an entire round at some of the people I play against! Good times.

Here’s my stream of the Tournament mode that was running for a couple weeks that gave you a Blueprint if you won.