Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - 2019's soft reboot of CoD

Plus what’s that first section of the trailer? It looks like single player/campaign type scenario where they are infiltrating a cave/compound. Maybe some kind of coop mode PvE?

Yes. Vehicles. The Ground War multiplayer mode has them. 20v20 up to 50v50 on larger maps with vehicles. It’s basically them stepping on Battlefield.

Hunh… well, if they do Battlefield like the OLD Battlefield, I’m totally in for some of that. I guess it was inevitable the pendulum would swing that way one day.

I love that their maps feel like real places again. That looks great.

Anyone else playing the Alpha this weekend? It’s good stuff. I’m really enjoying the quick 2v2 matches. Some of the maps are like playing paintball with gun variety. I can imagine some tense competitive play with this.

Game looks great and performance is superb on my PS4 Pro. Highly recommended if you have a PS4 to give this a try. Sometimes teammates flake, but it’s been ok. One thing that’s funny is it’s an all chat between rounds. Trash talk or teammate denigration can be pretty hilarious!

Good times…

I downloaded this, but by the time I booted it up, the alpha ended literally seconds before I was about to launch my first game.

I played a bit over the weekend. It was solid. 2v2 isn’t my thing, so I’m pretty sure I won’t play it much when the full game comes out, but what I saw was polished.

That sucks! It was really cool. 2v2 was a blast for me. It was all about angles, spotting, and then hitting your shots. The various subweapons (grenades, molotov, claymore, C4) were a lot of fun to mess with too. Claymores especially were really useful on some maps.

I thought the map design was great. There’s lots of variety there with some having multiple approaches and others being flat out long range sniper fests, but even then you could get on the ground unseen to rush the other side so it led to tactical talk before a match. The only thing really missing is… Apex-style R1 context spotting! Holy smoke that is a hell of a feature and should be in every game now. It’s mitigated somewhat by voice chat, but still.

Their ragdoll physics were about the best I’ve ever seen too.

“Fists Only”

TTK looks a bit slower than I would like, but I normally play CoD in HC mode.

You mean with fists or in general? TTK is definitely weapon dependent. The desert eagle pistol was a two shot kill unless you headshot them. Shotguns were one or two dependent on range and type. Most assault rifles were are a few bullets dependent on hit location and whether they’re silenced or not.

In general, everything felt really good. The wimpiest pistol was universally derided for its five to seven shot kills. You just can’t miss with that thing and you really want headshots.

Overall though, I thought it was right on. Any faster and it would all be one hit kills. It was quite a change going back to Apex last night with the need to spray a whole clip to take someone down.

In general.

Like I said, I’ve generally played HC, where a few bullets, tops, from any weapon will kill you.

I play Hardcore a lot less than standard, but I understand the expectation. I thought this felt a lot like Hardcore, but you’re probably right that it’s a little more forgiving. I think that’s good for this mode though as the rounds are fast as it is. I really like that there’s a time limit and a flag to cap forcing action at the end of a round. I won a tight one with a lot of ooooing and ahhhhhing later in the day by capping in a slick way.

Everything is laser focused on creating conflict, which I think is really good for any mode.

CoD is always a reasonably short TTK, this looks pretty close to that. A little longer than Titanfall.

I don’t even know if this comic represents the game in this thread, so I’m taking a wild guess this is the correct place for this.

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Omg this is good! TTK is similar to the Gunfight mode. Don’t get near people with shotguns. All the grenades are useful. Satchel charges pack a wallop. The sound… oh the sound… this is the CoD you want to play.

I scared my neighbors cats with the subwoofer. It’s awesome.

Been thinking about this a lot since putting in about three hours with it yesterday. The game this most reminds me of is Soldier of Fortune 2, which I always thought was one of the most lethal first person shooters I’d ever played in a very good way. Modern Warfare is tuned in a similar way, where you need to be aware of your exposure and you need to be a good shot, preferably at heads.

It also features some of the most violent shotguns we’ve seen in a long time. The powerful blast of one discharged right in your face as you round a corner will make you jump. It’s totally viable to play the Hackney Yard map with that as your primary and clean up. That said, I do think the game favors assault rifles so far, although Grazna Raid can make for some satisfying sniping. That’s also the 10v10 map, which is a pretty neat twist on Call of Duty gameplay. No vehicles available, but having larger teams leads to a lot more chaos. I wasn’t as enamored of it as I thought I’d be, but I think that’s because it’s Team Deathmatch only that I’ve played there.

Headquarters is a superb mode that’s returning after a long absence from the series. The HQ must be captured and defended. It’s basically King of the Hill. The maps have excellent design and placement of the HQ for this mode. If you play the beta this weekend, you should definitely give it a try.

Finally, I’ve been playing the Demolition gear class and just love its combination of explosives, rocket launcher (for UAVs and Personal Radar) and the AK-47. It’s a lot of fun to satchel charge an approach during HQ mode holed up behind my mobile deployable cover. BOOM!

I’m playing on PS4. This weekend is for pre-orders. Next weekend is open to everyone on PS4, Xbox and PC. If you haven’t played Call of Duty in a long time, this is one you should check out.

I just saw a post on CAG saying the beta is open to everyone on PS4 this weekend.