Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - 2019's soft reboot of CoD

Streamers are garbage.

I just saw a video for Ground War mode, did CoD add a Battlefield game mode ?

Yep! They’re stepping on battlefield!

I have…feelings about this. Vague, probably not well thought-out feelings, but I’ll state them here anyway.

First, yes, obviously CoD is trying to take a bite out of Battlfield with Ground War. It mostly checks those boxes. Larger map, vehicles, etc. On paper, it sounds good.

From a tech standpoint, they’ve nailed it. Ground War looks like a modern Call of Duty, with fast action, lots of players, and solid frame rates. Everything is snappy and polished.

But, I dunno. TTK is still very Call of Duty. While the map is big, it’s not so big that it actually needs vehicles, and the vehicles don’t allow for the wacky shenanigans that Battlefield does. It almost feels crowded. It’s like a Battlefield version of Nuketown.

The thing about Battlefield is that you get intense bursts of combat with stretches of movement and situational assessment between them. The long bits of travel and thinking about how to enter combat are part of the rhythm. Without them, you’re just doing the kill-respawn-kill dance.

A different mode should feel different. But in this, there’s no contrast. You’d get the same rhythm in normal CoD team DM. You just added a longer load time for Ground War. At least with the Battle Royale mode in BLOPs 4, it felt very different from the rest of the game.

I found that the ground war have felt very different from the other game modes.

Ground War is just Domination on steroids. And I found it significantly worse than any Battlefield game I’ve ever played. I mean, I rather go back to World War 3 than playing more of this.

First of all, killstreaks with 64 players is just the worst. They’re popping off left and right all the fucking time. One thing I like about BF is the downtime between battles, but this is just spawn, kill/die, repeat. The map I played on was also too small for a mode like this, so people were spawning all over the place.

On the other hand, NVG mode is cool, but I want that with something else than TDM (the worst mode). Also, where did Realism mode go?

But gameplay wise, this is probably the best I’ve felt about CoD since Modern Warfare 2 (or maybe BLOPS 2).

It is a beta so they’re just testing various modes. Realism will be in the final game

Oh well, I was hoping to see it again before the beta ended. .

But I think Realism and/or NVG combined with Dom/HQ/CA will be my jam.

And I’m not going to touch TDM, GF (unless I play with a friend), GW and those 20 player modes.

Edit: one very cool thing is crossplay. I played on both PC and Xbox, and my progression carried over between them. PC with m/k has way harder competition though, as some of those PC players are fucking brutal.

Realism mode is back today

Huh, so they actually have cross platform competition going in this, including play between consoles and PC’s, with mouse and keyboard players.

That seems unfair.

I’m not sure if they cross different input devices with each other. When I played on Xbox it was only with other controller players (on Xbox, PS4 and PC), while on PC I only saw the m/k icon. I don’t remember if there was other consoles as well, but you can actually play with m/k on consoles (where you’ll be matched with other m/k players).

They totally do. I saw folks playing who had the PC icon with a Mouse controller.

I totally forgot to play the beta this weekend. D’oh! I’ll just have to assume it’s the same as all the other Call of Duty games and I can forget about it.

Okay, I wonder how they balance that? On the positive side, at least PC players will have a large player base to play with instead of a dead one 3 months after release.

I don’t think they do.

Ah, looks like they’ll give you the ability to play in controller only lobbies… so they basically just sidestepped the balance issue.

Hmmm, I only noticed a crossplay option in the settings menu. I enabled it but, as said, was only matched with people with the same input devices. I guess there’s another option for controller only lobbies that is enabled by default?

On the PS4, it definitely wasn’t on by default, because I was put up against M+K players.

It’s most definitely not like all the others IMO. That’s why it pissed some people off on the first weekend.

Man, Activision just pissed off the entire Xbox and PC COD community

Most impressive, as COD games really only have 1 year of a full fan base before it splits to follow the next game.