Call of Duty Modern Warfare III (2023) - The one with guns and stuff

This is kind of surprising, given how they are still cranking out tons of new content for MW2.

I guess “new” in quotes, since a lot of the stuff are reskins of old school maps… but old school CoD maps were some of the best ever made, so it doesn’t bug me.

They had me with the open world stuff in mw2 but lost me with no zombies. Will see

It sounds like Playstation still has deals in place to be first in some ways.

Sony had exclusivity deals with Activision stretching out awhile. I doubt that will change overnight. The purchase isn’t complete yet either.

Sad slow cover song: Don’t Fear the Reaper.

Oh man I remember when a Just Cause trailer featured this similarly slowed down song, which is also great:

Just slow down songs, and they get more awesome… the Jolene theory of music 🤣

For the first time ever, a direct sequel in back-to-back years delivering an all new Campaign that marks the return of Makarov.

With Carry Forward, players can continue to enjoy player inventory and weapon progression from last year’s Modern Warfare II into this year’s all-new, Modern Warfare III.

One access point for your future Call of Duty content. Starting with Modern Warfare II and Warzone , and now with Modern Warfare III and beyond, players can navigate all their content in one place, we call it Call of Duty HQ – making it easier to select which game and modes you wish to play.

I can’t even remember much about CoD MW II’s campaign at this point, and it hasn’t been that long…

There were some missiles or something. Also price and soap and ghost kill tons of other dudes, with some other secondary characters.

I’m surprised Sledgehammer are back after their last game (Vanguard) came out in 2021. It was supposed to be Treyarch’s turn (2020 - Cold War) this year, if they stuck to the normal 3 year cycle for each studio. I guess Treyarch is working on something big.

It was pretty simple. Cartels in cahoots with middle eastern thugs. Smuggling missiles to hit the US. Task Force 141 tracks it all down, finds out some guys in the US military are black opping it all behind the scenes. You fight Graves while he drives a tank. In the end Ghost saves SOAP’s ass from the big bad with a well placed bullet, but big bad is just working for Makarov. “No Russian” end credits scene…

Needs slow cowbell.

The best thing about this new trailer is… THAT’S FUCKING VERDANSK!

Take me back, Warzone!

So is MWZ replacing DMZ? The blog doesn’t mention DMZ at all.

Hey, were they going to have some kind of respawn dmz type mode or something? Stealth something? Did they do that? I’ve been on travel all week.

Oh, I remember that horrible boss fight at the end. That one sucked.

I am embarrassed to admit how many hours I sank into DMZ in MW2. I was quite shocked as I tried it out, I realized DMZ mode was actually kind of a fever dream amalgam of the ultimate first person shooter game I’ve envisioned since I was a teenager:

  • a large open world where (almost) all buildings are enterable and interactive, and very detailed
  • it’s a giant sandbox of interesting tools, weapons, and abilities that can be combined in unexpected ways
  • it’s mix of human squads (trios) and ai forces in certain areas on the map
  • you can choose to either compete or cooperate with fellow humans, via local voice comms (you can hear any human voice comms in a 50m radius)
  • you can actively recruit others to your squad, start with trios, can be up to 6 max. One strategy is to down enemies and demand that they join your squad or you’ll eliminate them, for example, among many others. Or if you’re solo you can offer to join a nearby squad you’re hearing by requesting it.
  • or, you can completely ignore fighting humans (mostly… that adds to the suspense) and just take the AI objective missions. You can even play solo for an even bigger challenge as it’s designed around trios.
  • lots of (optional!) interesting mission choices that require you to work as a squad, or use your tools in imaginative ways, and the missions have tangible rewards
  • there is a penalty for being eliminated (weapon cooldown) enough to make it meaningful but not frustrating

The important part is it does all this without dumbing it down to the Payday 2 and Division 2 model of “RPG with guns where you end up headshotting AI enemies 200 times to take them down”. God I hate that style of design. In DMZ, all weapons are quite lethal, as they should be, and you have to be careful. The AI can be annoying as they are a bit bullet-spongey (they have super visibily heavily armored AI that comes out later and protects important spots on the map, so it kinda makes some sense) but nowhere near the RPG with guns level.

Battle Royale is fine, and deserves its own category, but DMZ is I think is on the cusp of inventing the next generation of what I want future FPS games to be.

(For example, in the latest iteration the various AI factions will even fight each other, and you can get embroiled in that!)

We can also talk resurgence in Warzone if anyone has opinions about that ;)

I mean, I’ve been hardcore in Warzone since it shipped. I only really slowed down a couple months ago because I’m in the middle of a big move of my life from one town to another.

I still think Battle Royale, Resurgence or otherwise, is the closest we’ve come to a new “Arcade game” in years. You put your quarter in (squad up) and try to get the one credit clear, only every player in the game is real and also aiming for the same 1CC. For competitive play, it’s just plain ideal for first person shooting IMO. I love it. My only complaint in Warzone 2.0 is them taking away the one shot sniper headshot. I hope that comes back with Modern Warfare III.