Call of Duty Modern Warfare III (2023) - The one with guns and stuff

Wrong thread but Delta Force lives!

Is that the series that used to be in a voxel engine?

Yes indeedy.

Novalogic’s answer to military FPS. Played the hell out of that back then. No clue what it would bring to the table these days though. Presumably, not voxels.

Bring back Joint Operations, and give BF a competitor. Novalogic was doing 150 players way back then.

They certainly know how to make a great trailer over there.

This whole gun thing is played out. I’m ready for some Call of Duty without guns, that’d be the thing.

That’s why I was really looking forward to Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, or whatever that Borderlands spin-off is called. But the first thing you do is pick up guns. That made for a hilarious first joke in the game, but it also made me lose interest in it. I really thought it was going to be all melee weapons and wands and spells and stuff instead of guns.

I was just thinking about this. Has there ever been a game with lots of quest and dialog stuff but where the action was provided by a sport? Where instead of shooting your opponents, you… well out-dribble them or something.

Something like NFS Unbound is a little like that I guess.

Mario Golf (Game Boy Color). Mario Golf Advance. Golf Story. Sports Story.

I think multiplayer beta is now open for people who pre-ordered. And then on Saturday, it will be open for everyone.

A multiplayer beta always brings me back to the original CoD4: Modern Warfare beta back in 2007. I played at my friend’s place where he had his 360 hooked up to his projector which was projecting onto a huge wall in his house. And we took turns playing, and it blew us away. It was so different from anything that had come before. Like when someone called in a helicopter, and we were ducking for cover in the house as a freakin’ helicopter was hovering right outside, pelting the whole place with bullets. It was like being in an action movie! In a multiplayer game! I didn’t even know that was possible until that moment.

I played a bunch last weekend and got to Level 20 in the beta. I imagine they’re opening up the grind to a higher level this weekend.

It’s really good. Better even than I expected it to be after what feels like a misstep in Modern Warfare II from a Warzone/multiplayer point of view. I think the new Warzone with this movement model is going to be a hoot. It just feels right for Call of Duty and yet it retains that “realism” that MW2019 had. I still think 2019 is the pinnacle from what I’ve played of this new game, but they’ll keep plowing forward and trying new things and that’s ok.

I do encourage people to play the open beta this weekend. If you played the games in the OG MW era, they’re remaking a lot of those maps so you might be surprised to find they hold up really well in 2023. I still haven’t pre-ordered because I just don’t know if I want to commit to multiplayer this time around, and the campaign also, just not sure. I will definitely be in Warzone when they update it though. That’s still by far, other than Gunfight, my favorite mode.

In addition to the Mario Golf and Golf Story games already mentioned:

(this is the latest in a series that started on DS)

“Today’s your lucky day Chiquito!”

Valeria is awesome. Looking forward to seeing if/how they bring her and Los Vaqueros back for the campaign.

Also, give me all the Alejandro. Graves was such an asshole.

Oh wow. People super hate the new campaign. Looking online, all I can find are people calling it “lazy” and talking about how bad it is.

(Not that any of them will stop buying the game. Ha ha.)

Yeah, it’s apparently like 3-4 hours max. I’ve bailed on launch for this one. The multiplayer was good in beta but I’m not paying $70 just for that.

When it hits $40 or so MWIII will be worth it essentially as a map pack for MWII.