Call of Duty series

I’ve never played the Call of Duty series, but played the demo of COD World War (or something like that - it was a large scenario taking an air base, WWII, against the Japanese.) It wasn’t perfect, but I enjoyed it enough to want more.

So - looking online, there are a lot of CODs. I want to stick with WWII. I’m trying to figure out the differences between the different versions (oh- I’ll probably get it on PS3 or XBox.) Any guidance would be welcome.

Also, while my main gameplay will be single player, I see a co-op mode. My brother and I are interested in a game like this to play co-op against the AI - can you simply play the campaign together in Co-op mode (online, not on the same machine?) And is it single screen, i.e. not split screen (I hate split screen.)


I think World at War is the only 1 with Co-op, not sure if its the full campaign or not.

I think that the original Call of Duty was re-released for 360 and PS3 to promote Modern Warfare 2. For single-player it’s still very good, arguably better than all the ones that followed. You’ll have to bear with some poor graphics.

Not sure if the first one has co-op or not.

WaW has Co-op for the entirety of the campaign (minus the 2 weird set-piece missions where you man guns on an aircraft carrier). Me and a friend played through it and it was loads of fun. WaW also has the infamous “Nazi Zombie” mode which I still play with friends to this day.

Other then that MW2 has Co-op in the form of Spec Ops, which was easily the most entertaining thing in that game. Thing is that’s obviously set in modern times rather then WW2.

World at War is the only coop one throughout the campaign, and has nazi zombies coop, and is probably the best balanced multiplayer around. Unfortunately, the MP is a little dead right now and it is persistently laggy and hard to get into solid games. That sad, I love it.

COD4 is a more balanced game than MW2, other than the fact that nades are absurdly overpowered. The single player campaign is about on par with MW2, but in MW2 you get the benefit of like 20 spec ops missions that ARE coop, and for the most part are excellent.

So World at War if you want a cheaper option, MW2 if you have a bit more money to spend. There is a lot to reccomend with COD4, but at this point you probably don’t need to back.

There’s a recent release that bundles Cod2, Cod3 and WaW together.

World at War is the best choice from what you have said.

It has full campaign co-op (online, not split-screen) and the Zombie mode. Make sure you get the game of the year, or whatever bundle includes the DLC’s, as each DLC added another Zombie mode map.

All in all, WAW is my favorite COD game so far. The co-op campaign, zombie mode, and better attention to balance/response to glitches, put it above the others for me.

There were 3 DLC packs for World at War, I believe. Each one added at least one zombie map. But there was sadly no game of the year edition or any kind of bundle. You have to buy the game, and then buy the DLC if you like the zombie mode in order to get more maps. The DLC packs were on sale for half off on Xbox Live at some point, but I think they’re back to $10 each.

Really? Bummer, I just assumed they had done a GOTY with the DLC’s included.

I got the map packs mostly for the zombie maps myself. Had a lot of fun with them.

WaW had split-screen co-op in the campaign aswell.

True, but Jeff specifically said he did not want to split screen, so I left that detail out.

Ah apologies, the way you said it made me think you were implying it didn’t. Oh well, no harm done.

No worries, it does come across that way!