Call of Duty: Vanguard - CoD goes back to WWII


Official teaser.

It’s nice that they’re willing to shift genres like that and make a Call of Duty puzzle game where you’re looking for faces that can only be seen from certain perspectives. The same kind of puzzles seen in Hellblade.

Rumors are saying this is actually an alt-history version of post-WWII. I guess that will allow them to have modern trappings like reflex scopes on everything and laser sights for Warzone.

I kind of want them to lean into the WWII era with this one. Maybe some LTM stuff in Warzone with only the most basic of WWII weapons. No loadouts. Really push iron sights and player skill.

Reveal was a fun play through. Not as cool as the event with the Stadium, but I enjoyed taking shots at the train.

The graphics in the trailer are impressive.

Jack’s got a really nice overview of stuff that’s in the final game.

From Gamescom:

The Alpha is built on a cool new mode. Essentially you play rounds of gulag sized maps from Warzone in team deathmatch style earning cash from kills and ground loot to ultimately be the last team standing among eight. You lose lives for each death until your team’s pool is depleted and eliminated or you knock out everyone else.

It started with two on two and now also has Trios. I liked both but Duos was slightly more campy.

The engine is definitely Modern Warfare and all that entails. Mounting, mantling, “realistic” movement. No Black Ops Arcadey feel to this one. Guns kill quicker with better attachments…

…which is the other neat conceit. You buy upgrades to your weapons as you fight or can buy gear, perks, streaks and weapons if you survive to a purchase round. Lots of good tools there to help you win if you can afford it.

I dig it. Hope to play a bit more tomorrow before it’s over and will stream it when I do. It looks pretty in brown and olive drab way. Some framerate stuff to be ironed out but technically really sound for the most part.

So Vanguard is going all in on attachments for WW2 era guns? I hated that in the last WW2 CoD when I tried it at a friend’s house. Is this CoD at least leaning into an alternate history conceit to make all the usual attachments slightly less ridiculous on WW2 guns?

It’s basically set post war with a Hitler successor that the main protagonists are trying to hunt down. You’ll play through missions to introduce the characters, that are set during the war, and then they come together for the post-Hitler’s death hunt down of some next in line guy.

So basically the answer is “sort of”.

I mean, at the end of the day, VIDEOGAMES, you know? They already are pushing the character movement toward more realism and pissing off people who love the Treyarch Arcade, so if they get too rivet counterish with the guns they might get some folks really upset.

Personally, MW2019 is peak CoD for me so I’m really happy that attachments or not they have decided to double down on this awesome game engine they built. I also enjoy the attachment unlock grind so that’s part of core gameplay for me.

I ran into a squad of them last night. It’s so frustrating because when you get good at the game, you basically increase your chances of being in a lobby with cheaters exponentially.

I block and report them, so hopefully it resulted in some bans, but they do need anti-cheat so badly. The core game is as great as ever. The rampant cheating, not so much.

An RC mini-tank? Uh. OK.

It’s a thing.


Operators huh? So they’re bringing a little Rainbow Six Siege action into the mix.

Sure. Except the ones used in the war were approximately 5ft long, and weren’t really RC vehicles. They worked using a tethered cable controller/power system.

This is obviously just a reskin of the normal RC explosive car in Call of Duty.

Oh, I get what you are saying, and agree. I was just pointing out that it’s not that far off! And the Germans actually did field and use guided missiles (against their erstwhile allies the Italian fleet).

They’ve had operators since Modern Warfare and Warzone. It’s just skins for the characters.

Ah okay, so they’re not like the operators from Siege that all play differently. The sword guy in the trailer made me think that’s the way they were going.