Call of Duty: WW2 - 2017 Sledgehammer's return to CoD "roots"


The campaign should also have you play as a black female soldier in the Wehrmacht, achieving your career goals in spite of the racial tension that existed in Germany during the 40’s.


This is all because millenials are obsessed with themselves, isn’t it?


I guess one’s reaction to this depends on if you think Call of Duty and Battlefield have or should present some authenticity or if you think they are flights of fancy that use a historic period as a light theming. I used to think the former (probably when I played COD2 obsessively) but have settled on the latter in recent years. They are quite unrealistic already. Playing as a female soldier is just one tiny notch of unrealism among countless others.


The more I think about this, the more I start to think of better alternatives. Suppose that when you play online, the other team look like the Germans/Nazis and you always play through the eyes of an Allied soldier? Score screens show blue team and red team. This is actually more of a statement on the War and a rejection of fascism/Nazism in general.

Alternately, remove all the realism entirely and let people pick whatever kits they want from the German or Allied perspective and play on combined teams where the graphic representation is a more generic WWII soldier look. Some camo, some olive drab, etc.

Even something more along the lines of The Outift’s caricatures of German and Allied sides would be more welcome and it would allow them to have different genders and races represented more easily.

As it stands, I think they’re mucking with history in the wrong way.


Interesting idea. I know America’s Army did this. You always played as the US side, the opposing team just saw you as the insurgents.


Right. There are lots of Allied units to choose from too. It’s not like everyone would have to play an American soldier. Let’s be realistic about that, too. Folks in Germany would probably prefer not to play the Axis side for the most part and pretty much everyone but the Japanese could be represented as Allied.

I guess I’m weird… and maybe it’s just the times we’re living in, but I think this is an even more sensitive historical subject than ever right now. Be inclusive of people, sure. Don’t be inclusive of flawed ideology.


Should WW2 games still allow our allies the Soviet Union to be playable then, even though Stalin also produced a body count numbering in the millions?


I don’t really know. I’m conflicted by this entire scenario.

I think it’s never been this personal before because the games never approached realism visually so closely in the past…


It’s bullshit pandering.

“Hans Grossesfleisch was the ultimate trooper in the 12th SS; even his war-hardened superiors admired his skill and feared his ferocity. But Hans harbored a terrible secret: he was truly Greta Silverberg, a lesbian and animal-rights supporter. Half-Rom Gypsy, half-Jewish. And a deeply closeted Communist. Nevertheless, Hans/Greta fought like a demon again the hated enemies of the Fatherland!”



A big part of the appeal for CoD MP players is making their character uniquely theirs. Cosmetic skins, taunts, and, killcam badges are all part of that, and it’s an increasingly important part of Activision’s in-game loot chest gambling sales strategy. From a business perspective, I get Sledgehammer’s reasoning. Anything that interferes with a player spending more money on a cosmetic slot machine pull is not where they want to go.


I know, I know.

But my formative years were shaped by the words

“You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We’re all part of the same compost heap. We’re all singing, all dancing crap of the world.”

Plus, I find that I’m much better versed in WWII history that I ever expected I would be when I was little. (Goal: astronaut/fighter pilot; actual result: amateur military historian and IT guy). So it’s a little annoying to see some black chick all pansied up in a Wehrmacht uniform or whatever. It’s an insult to the black chick.


But its probably nice for the black chick to have a character she can identify with, instead of white young males all around. The gaming crowd has expanded wildly over the past few years, to include people of all sizes, genders and races, so thats probably something we have to get used to, pandering or not.
Also, its better business, as Telefrog mentions.


As I said:

I don’t have to like it, because I know that in the post-post-truthian years of the 22nd century, games are going to be used as primary source material for historical research. Luckily, only my severed head in a jar will be alive then, joined together with the rest of us grognards in our own little singularity.


Devil’s Advocate:

So seeing a woman character on the battlefield is odd but dual-wielding (akimbo) Sturmgewehr 44s with perks that increase your speed and silent your footsteps is mostly acceptable?


Away with thee, Satan. I’m still trying to process the profligacy of personal automatic weapons in WW1 (Battlefield 1) into my monumental, exhaustive historical epic, Ass.


Do we really have to get used to it? I gave other options up above that allow for her to be black and playing soldier in WWII that don’t put her in the Wehrmacht on a Tuesday in 1944.


What about muslim chicks? Or Asian chicks? I’m sure they want to identify with their characters too. Are there no lines to be drawn for who can be in the Wehrmacht during WWII in a Call of Duty game?


Just like Womens teams came into FIFA17, more and more of those options will enter other games I’m sure - Its just a matter of time. And I don’t think there are any lines to be drawn. Why would there be?


Women’s soccer is totally a thing. We have the best team in the world in the US. Of course it would be added to FIFA. This is not that.


Since I’m sitting here at work, upgrading a few machines to windows 10, I can reply instantly :-)

I just meant, that its all about being inclusive to the new breed of gamers. Realism or not, thats probably not the issue for these girls, people of color and so on, but more that they can feel the game is more suited to their particular…eh…is phenotype the word I’m looking for here?

edit: I do like your idea of having each side seeing the other side as something else than you do though. That’s a nice solution as well.