Call of the Wild : The Angler - an open world fishing experience!

Play on your own or with friends in online co-op for up to 12 players when it hits PC via Steam, the Microsoft Store, and Epic Games Store later this year, with consoles to follow.

Nice. I’ll be looking forward to this, especially when it hits Xbox.

There’s something Black Mirror about a simple great outdoors fishing game. Then again, I play skateboarding games, and enjoy real skateboarding (much more), so maybe not.

I wonder, do these games tend to steal from, add to, or have no impact on the number of hobbyists in real world fishing?

I don’t fish but I’m interested in playing this. It’s got a lot of advantages over the reel thing:

  • no equipment
  • don’t have to travel
  • could maybe do it with a far-flung friend
  • weather independent
  • don’t have to hurt anything

It’s really just a relaxing alternative to shooty games, I guess.

Where do the zombies come in?

Wish there was a PS5 version.

So this is basically an MMO with everything but the fishing taken out? It’s about time!


Finally, someone is daring to build the Jack London digital universe.

Has anyone tried this? My experience with the hunting Call of the Wild game was that the mechanics were a bit frustrating. But I am sorely tempted by all those screenshots that look like Yosemite.

I picked the game up. It’s relatively pretty

Reviews are pretty poor, water isn’t great and the fishing side is inconsistent.

Any thoughts from anyone as I am also interested in it

Honestly if all I do is drive slowly around this landscape that is so so reminiscent of the Sierra Nevada, and take hiking trails to gorgeous viewpoints, I’m happy with the purchase, even if I never catch a fish.