Call to Arms: Half Life 2 modding!

So, all of us that are interested have likely had a chance to at least fool around with the game some, and no doubt for some of you the cogwheels are turning. My proposal is a simple one: Let’s make a HL2 mod. Singleplayer or multiplayer, simple to grand scope. I want to get in there and tool around.

So if you’re like me, and you want to get under the hood and make something cool, let me know in this thread, via email, pm, or whatever you like. Tell me what you’re most interested in doing for a mod, and what you can contribute to the project. If you just want to sound off about things you’d like to see, feel free to do so. Let’s get some discussion going.

Some say the best way to get into the games industry is to start making games, and that’s what I intend to try.

If you’re not interested, please feel free to ignore this thread. I respect the level of thought and intelligence of the people of this board, and think that these are the folks I’d like to work with, if I work with anyone at all.


Happy to help with music and sound, I’m a cellist and sound designer/composer for theatre and film.

Yes, but are you man enough to record the sound of your own flatulence as input into a vocoder?

As carrier or modulator? Would be a pretty short carrier unless you had an extra large burrito lunch.

I’d give a hand with webdesign, but I’ve never touched gamedesign in my life (yet). I would be willing to give it a shot though if you feel like taking a young pupil. :wink:

How about something co-op? I have never done any game design, but I have a lot of free time and some programming skills.

Web design I could aslo do. Sketches, storyboards, whatever. I’m in.

3d artist/animator over this way - I’m already in a mod, but I’m not sure how far it will go, so I can work on two I suppose… If the idea is good and it sounds like something I’d like to play then you can count me in. Good programmers is what you really need though.

I volunteer my Sexy Xbox Live voice for voice acting.

Ooh! I can moderate the forums! :P

Quick responses. Check your PMs. Anybody else?

I’d like to see some sort of co-op or free for all using the vehicles.

I’m a programmer by trade, primarily C, C++ and Java and mess around with OpenGL in my spare time.

Fairly mediocre coder here. I’ll help out a bit if I can.

And I’d like to present a quick and pretty easy mod idea to you. As you may be aware, Valve is preparing to release the “Phys-gun” soon. This weapon allows for very fine manipulation of objects in the gameworld. You can also weld objects together with it, creating traps or whatever you like.

Personally, I think if we simply made a simple mod that give the user an interesting environment filled with random objects and let them build whatever they want (perhaps optimise the area for setting up some odd “Spy vs. Spy” traps?) we would have a mod that would be quite fun to mess around with. Hell, personally I’d just try to make huge sculptures out in a courtyard or something. :mrgreen:

Speaking of the physics gun, does anyone know whether the Havoc engine supports dynamic objects like damped and undamped springs, multiple degrees of freedom joints, clamps, wheels, hydraulics, pneumatics, deforming / elastic bodies, cogs and the like? And, if it does, whether such objects cobbled together with the physics gun will work as you would expect in the real world?

If so, the possibilities for interesting and emergent gameplay are enormous.

You mean something like this:

To end the physics test, Doug showed us a giant motor the team had built in the game engine. Pistons drive a shaft round and round as smooth as silk. As the cylinders and tubes extend in and out of the ceiling Doug points out a giant monkey wrench suspended above it all. He shoots the support holding the wrench in place and the wrench falls down on top of the motor. Once the wrench hits the shaft, it becomes caught between the pistons and forces the engine to stop moving. Although the end result is the same every time it’s shown, nothing’s scripted. The team is using the physics engine to create consequences and context automatically.

It would seem the answer is yes, unless I misunderstood the question.

Whoo, that sounds excellent!

No doubt. I’ve already churned out a few pages of ideas. There’s just so many apparent options! Hard part will be picking a focus.

That sounds pretty nifty. I would love to be able to build a boat and a motor for it… Anyway, if anybody needs to get ahold of me, my e-mail address is [email protected].


Source: The Incredible Machine

VU owns the IP for the “TIM” series, I imagine.

Really? So I’m reading this article all wrong, or is it typical bad IGN reporting?

Well, I doubt I was one of those intelligent people you were referring to, but hey I think I have got something to contribute (although it is not as glamorous as other jobs you might say), I am a pretty good gamer and I would be happy to test :D , I am good at finding all the little bugs and such, but I am not trained in any other field valuable to a game as I am only in highschool! Well, I don’t know if I would be needed but there!