Calling All Seattle Qt3 Space Nerds: Artemis over holidays?

This looks like the nerdiest and most awesome thing ever. Or one of the top contenders, anyway.

I am taking the week between Christmas and New Year’s off. I daresay a few others might be as well.

I am proposing an Artemis session at my house in Kirkland. Probably about four hours long. Could be daytime, could be evening, depending. Our rec room has a projector to which I can hook up my PC, and has various tables that we could set up as a sort of rudimentary bridge. I also have at least one laptop that can definitely run the game (thank you, Jason McCullough!).

If you are:

  • in the Seattle area,
  • around during that week,
  • at all interested in this,

then please reply to this thread and say so :-) I know DennyA and Doug Erickson are possibles, and we’ve gotten a few others expressing interest at various points.

Intriguing, I would probably be interested, but for two caveats:

First, I have never played the game. Not a big deal for me, but FYI in case you don’t want some idiot asking lots of questions.

Second, I am working that week. If you plan to do this during the day I will have to pass. Otherwise I can make the trip to Kirkland after work. Might even be able to sneak away a little early.

I hate you guys. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. ;)

Aw man, if I lived nearby I would love to join in on this. I hope it works out for a group of you to get this going and keep it running! You have to post some AAR’s of your group’s adventures. :D

I would be up for this! (What could possibly go wrong?)

Also, I think the creator is still offering copies of the full version to anyone who makes a video of a live multiplayer session.

Any Artemis crews out in the Chicago area? We could totally give these punks a run for their money. I’ve got the hardware for a full bridge setup (including a projector), and I hear that bridge vs. bridge combat works pretty well over the interwebs.

You have to dress up, decorate and video this!

I’m still working out where I will be during that week, but if I am around, I’d be interested.

Pogue, none of us (to my knowledge) have ever played this. That will be a critical part of the fun. I expect serious agitation and concern over epic failures at all levels: management, technical, tactical, and strategic. It will be glorious. Your nighttime vote is noted.

I would definitely be interested (as noted in the other thread), even though Kirkland is a bit of a haul for me. I’d have to see about sorting out some scheduling, as the week between Christmas and New Year’s can be tough.

If we get to the point of talking about specific days and times, I’ll pitch in some ideas.

I wish I lived nearby, I’d love to do something like this. What fun!!

Hey man, maybe one of us will write it up and you can put it on your blog.

Assuming the buses are still running something like a normal schedule around then, I’d be down for this. I’ve got the Monday and Friday of that week off from my job and, buses permitting, any time of day is good for me. I also have a laptop that can run this game so that’s a plus. Finally, I’ve watched most of Star Trek: The Next Generation for the first time this year so I should be able to at least sound the part while failing spectacularly.

I’m totally game, as long as the schedule works as far as days off, family activities, and kid care… Always fun making that mesh during the holidays. :)

i have NO idea what artemis is, but i’m in. i have a couple alienware machines i can bring.

oh wait, i get it now – it’s not a LAN game. hm, could be amusing! i am in kansas hell from the 22nd to the 28th, by the by.

Shit, looks like we got us a crew already. DennyA, Alan Au, Pogue Mahone, BiggerBoat, Panda, Doug Erickson, and RepoMan. These are the adventures of the starship Quarterthree. To seek out new life, and new civilizations, and have them blow the crap out of us. To boldly play what none of us have played before! WooooOOOOO ooo ooo ooo ooo, deedle dee DOOO doo…

Alright, let’s pick specific days. How about… um… Thursday evening, Dec. 29th? That’ll work for Pogue and Panda, it sounds like. Start time 7 pm? In Kirkland? WHAT SAY YE, INTREPID HEARTIES?

Oh jeez, now we need to decide whether we should use pirate style or Trek style… or perhaps switch randomly throughout the evening…

I will actually start reading up on how the f**k to play this game next week, so I’m at least prepared to set the game up, even if not to actually have any idea how to win. Also, I will cough up the $40 for a bridge license. Y’all can chip in at the end of the night if you had fun :-)

(Also, I would like to be captain first because, well, I’m hosting :-) But I’m fine with rotating the captain position through the evening so anyone who wants to sit in the bridge chair gets a chance.)

you will post an AAR! (heh, more pirate speak.) I’d love to hear how this goes.

Well, I’m a three-hour drive from that region, so… :(

So count you in, of course!

I demand that you call the ship Q.t.3. Shortbus!

Tapir Express would be an acceptable alternative.