Calling All Seattle Qt3 Space Nerds: Artemis over holidays?

i might haul my brat over and give my wife a break. we could treat them as tribbles, minus the extermination.

I didn’t offer myself up for the crew, since I only have a laptop worthy of internet and word processing, but I want to say that I’m totally willing to stand around in the background in a red shirt to observe and inevitably become a casualty.

Either is fine for me. Do we have a huge LCD television or wall projector for the main viewscreen?

Either day I think is ok.

i reallllly want to see the video of this.

I got play a little bit of this yesterday–the party I went to had 10 laptops (for 2 crews). It was more for demonstration/tutorial/goofing-off purposes (noisy, people dropping in/out) but a good time was had by all.

To be honest I’m a little nervous about having kids around while we play. Not because I dislike kids, quite the opposite – it’s just that I tend to swear like a sailor when I play games, especially when things start going south (as they inevitably do when I’m playing games). I’ll try to keep it under control though.

Also, who’s going to bring the video recording equipment?

I’d wholeheartedly recommend Mike Substelny’s missions located here once you’ve gotten a few missions under your belt. Mike has some very imaginative missions, but they’re not something you’d want to tackle on your first try with the game (although Shakedown Cruise is the exception that proves the rule). Also, I’d humbly mention that I have a Star Trek TMP mod that works pretty well with launcher included in Calistas’ link right here.

I have a video camera, I will make sure it’s in functional condition before the event. And yes, McCullough, I do have a projector for the commander’s display.

Based on responses so far I’m locking down the time coordinate: Thursday, December 29th, 7 pm. So mote it be.

We do have a bit of an issue though, which is too many crew! McCullough jumped in after the last request for people to confirm the timing. Here’s the roster, in order of original posting in this thread, with details on whether they confirmed:

Pogue Mahone [confirmed]
Alan Au [confirmed]
BiggerBoat [UNconfirmed, per below]
Panda [confirmed]
DennyA (and 1 offspring) [tentatively confirmed]
Doug Erickson (and 1 offspring) [confirmed]
Jason McCullough [confirmed]

That’s six people, and myself makes seven. There are only six actual gameplay positions in Artemis, including captain. But we need someone to do the camera work and liveblogging, and the captain needs a Number One, and God knows we have plenty of other gaming technologies on hand, so boredom won’t be an issue.

I also suggest that we swap positions periodically (once an hour or so), especially the captain and liveblog position, just to make sure everyone gets a chance to play. We’ll divvy out the initial positions at random, except that I get first shot at captain ;-)

I am having some scheduling issues (work…grrrr…), so I’ll probably un-tentatively-confirm and save a slot for the confirmed folks.

I would love to participate if this happens again, though.

OK, you will see the entire grim saga right here and can make an informed decision :-)

I am planning to run this in January in New Zealand. Ya 'all welcome to sign up for crew positions!

Hey sir, start your own signup thread! This one is confused enough already.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the video of this. Are you guys going to dress up? You know you want to. :)

Please count me in, I should be there. I’m a real person, McCullough and Erickson can attest to that!

Whoops, sorry missed your additional late-join. OK, sure, join the failboat crew :-)

Is this still happening? Need to plan out next week.

Good God Almighty, of COURSE it’s still happening. I mean, will still be happening. I mean, will still have eventually been happening. Anyway, YES.

Knowing the offspring this is really going to be something.