Calling All Seattle Qt3 Space Nerds: Artemis over holidays?

We doing this? What’s the address and phone number, yo?

What is the dealie yo?

YO YO YO. Yes this is being done. PMs going out now.

… PMs AWAY! Prepare for confirmation, Mr. Sulu. I repeat, prepare for confirmation.

(Srsly – please let me know if you are still coming or not. McCullough and Tactu are clearly on board. Are the rest of you, still? Especially you, DennyA?)

Yep, I’m in, with spawn as observer/redshirt.

Pics & AAR or it didn’t happen.

I replied to your pm Repo, count me in. I have taken my protein pills and put my helmet on.

Welp, I checked out the buses going back to Seattle late and as expected they’re pretty icky. I don’t have a car (yeah, yeah) so err, would anyone be heading back to Seattle afterward and not mind a stowaway? I accept transportation via the trunk or bike rack.

Yeah Panda, I live in West Seattle so I can drop you off when we’re done.

Shall I be absconded to the trunk or rack for this venture? I need to know so I can bring enough cushioning. :p

But okee, that sounds good. I’ll make sure the game runs on the lappy tonight and provided that’s all good I should be able to arrive by 7:00.

I’m still on board for this! I need to figure out what to wear–I’m sure I have a red shirt somewhere.

Just saw this. Not in the area tomorrow, but I just moved to Seattle, so count me in for any repeats!

Doug, still bringing your kid? From her Facebook quotes, i think she and my son would get along swimmingly…

I pinged Doug on that same issue. Would be great to get three kids there of about the same age, though my daughter will probably crash out pretty early.

OK, I purchased it and installed it. I got some questions about pre-installing, it looks like this is not possible – there is no DRM, they just ask that you only share the executable with people in your crew. So we’ll hand it around on an SD card, or something, tomorrow night. If you are wondering whether your laptop will run it, you can try the demo.

I also got questions about bringing stuff. Bring beverages and/or munchies if you wish, I’ll have stuff but a well-stocked mess never hurts on a maiden voyage.

Also, and less charmingly, seems to have just gone down right as I was looking up the forums to try to find some, you know, documentation :-) Alan, do you know of a good source for such? At least I managed to buy it before the site went down!

…Actually, now I’m running a server and a client together and I see that all the various screens have F1 help. So it will probably be even more fun if we just read that and try to learn on the fly. See, they are sending out really raw recruits these days, they’re desperate for people to man the new class of mass-produced exploration vessels, and they practically run themselves… honest…

Shit, is this Artemis or Paranoia we’ll be playing? I guess we’ll find out.

…OK, I think I’m liveblogging at this point. The helm can use a USB joystick for steering! Bonus points if anyone brings one for the helmsman. (I don’t have one anymore, sorry, I suck.)

And now I have seen all the screens and it looks like it will be hilarious. The comms screen is going to drive the whole game:

Oh, those poor, poor people.

Can’t wait for the AAR!

Better than that, we’re going to liveblog it. Or try to. More like a DAR, I suppose.

The wiki is Good luck, I managed to play literally two minutes of a demo game a few weeks back, with my laptop trying to run the main screen/server and the helm, and a friend running Weapons. We didn’t really get it figured out, and then more people who didn’t want to play Artemis came over so we had to abandon ship.

I tried out the demo on my lappy last night and it booted up just fine. I’ve got it here at work ready to go so traffic permitting I should be showing up pretty much right at 7:00. So that’s three computers for sure now, eh?

I can’t wait to hear the reports from the frontline sectors tonight. Can you guys stream it live to

Yeah, there’s a wiki, which Djscman linked. I’ll see if the demo runs on my laptop–it’s has a pretty tiny screen, but it’ll do in a pinch.

[Edit] And an update–looks like it won’t run on my laptop (video card issues), so I’m hoping someone brings a spare!

It looks like my two laptops (thanks again McCullough) will run it fine, and I’ll be using my desktop PC as the server/bridge machine, so we should be OK.

Unfortunately Doug Erickson had to bow out due to getting back excessively late last night, but that actually means we will probably hit this crew layout exactly:

  • Captain (initially me)
  • Helm
  • Weapons
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Comms
  • Embedded Journalist (aka Qt3 liveblogger)

And no, we can’t friggin’ stream it to :-) (unless someone already knows how and wants to try!) My top priority is photos and Qt3 liveblogging. Expect a USS Failboat thread around 7:30 pm.