Calling covid-19 the "Wuhan Flu"

You know, I heard Hillary Clinton say that too.

Same here; less politician, more human being. I definitely do not agree with all of her positions but she appeared to be someone I could live with, a non-DNC bought and paid for political hack like Biden and less extreme and pandering than Warren. There probably are a lot of people who would like a moderate alternative to the Bernies, Trumps, and Warrens, someone who is tasteful and considerate. I was willing to support Tulsi with donations, which is something I usually do not do. It was readily apparent that as soon as she was willing to reach out to non-Democrats, Hillary smeared her, the DNC shut down media coverage and stopped bringing her into the debates and that was the end of her campaign. It’s well known there was a clear disconnect interest in Gabbard from Internet searches and the coverage the corporate media was providing. Bloomberg shows up and spends millions on advertising and voila! He’s on the debate stage.

As it happens, as I was passing through a room yesterday the Trump daily press conference was on, (which is not a press conference but a daily televised on-all-news-networks rally) he was talking about the number of people dying from Wuhan flu and how flattening the curve had led to a lowering of the estimate, and he paused to reflect that even one person dying was a tragedy. Then he resumed his usual chatter about how great he is.

That’s not expressing sympathy and it’s not fucking called Wuhan flu.

Given that the DNC controls all media coverage in the United States, one wonders how they managed to permit so much coverage of candidate Trump, much less how they managed to lose in 2016? Perhaps there is something wrong with that theory?

Go fuck yourself.

He’s not racist, he’s just using the name that all the racists are using.

Nevemind that there’s a better, more scientific and exact name for the disease, let’s follow the “1918” standard! Things were great back then!



Can I join the club?

We could call it the Orange Death in honor of our esteemed president.

The Cheeto Contagion.

Nah, too many syllables. I like Cheeto Pox better but there’s no rash or things like that that I’m aware of. :(

Why stop there? Let’s call for his public beheading. Heck, I say we light him on fire, Brian.

Based on ancient historical precedent it should be named for the ruler at the time of outbreak. The Plague of Trump. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue though. Maybe Plague of Trumpinian? Plague of Trumpidiot?


Poor old Justinian.

“Was he the plague guy?”
“No, he was the law guy!”
“No, I think he was the plague guy.”

You’re as good at pretending to be a media literate voter as Trump is at pretending to care.


Aawww did I hurt your widdle feefees for telling an obvious racist to go fuck themselves? What the fuck dude.

I know I know, totally off topic, but I’m pretty close to agreeing with Procopius about Justinian at this point. Maybe minus the billions dead and head-removal thing. Justinian almost certainly caused - directly and indirectly - 1000 years of problems. He did have that big Corpus Juris Civilis and funded a big church, I suppose.

Tom, I’m trying here. This is not a welcoming place to anyone who disagrees with the groupthink (“What? You’re wrong!”).

What? That makes me a racist? Again, I would like to point out I was referring to this virus by the name of the origin. And I was doing so long before it was officially named covid-19 and before Trump got involved.

You’re a legend in your own mind.

Ah, the favorite go-to word of the deplorables of the forum. Typically using it unironically signals that you are about to go on a racist death spiral leading to banning.