Starz is becoming must own TV… Spartacus, this summer Pillars of the Earth - now this.

Not if you have Netflix, you can get the eps for free.

It’s only a model.

I’ve linked it before, but I can’t resist.

Like Merlin, but with tits!

And here I thought this was about the wonderful musical with Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero.

New Trailer Out.

Looks like they’re positioning themselves to compete with Game of Thrones, as it’s also coming out in April. Doesn’t look any worse than Spartacus, so I’ll give it a try. I love Joseph Fiennes, and it looks like a bunch of other good people in it, including Eva Green.

Could have done without that crappy rock song, but looks like it could be interesting. It at least promises to deliver more nudity than Merlin ever has. Also not crazy about the blond chick they got to play Arthur.

Poor Jamie Campbell Bower. He wasn’t too fey in in Sweeney Todd, and he pulled off a pretty good performance there.

Weirdly enough, Jamie Campbell Bower played Ser Waymar Royce in the Game of Thrones pilot, but the role was recast when they reshot the prologue and he wasn’t available because of Camelot.

So, they had a sneak preview of this after Spartacus.

It’s quite good! It has an HBO/Rome level of sex, as opposed to a Spartacus level of sex.

The performances are good, the bits of effects are quite nice, and it’s doing a pretty traditional Morte D’Arthur telling of the story.

I give it a big thumbs up, looking forward to the rest of the series for sure. I hope they keep James Purefoy around, I missed him from Rome.

Thought it was awesome as well. I liked the idea of a young Arthur in Merlin, but that show has its own silly appeal. This is very different, but I’ve been wanting a serious take on young Arthur for a while now. They skipped the whole banishment of Morgan bullshit (she’s been Lady of the Lake for 15 years and is a total lunatic) and Joseph Fiennes’ Merlin is a badass. Arthur was acted fairly competently, but Joseph Fiennes stole the show in a big way.

I really liked this, too.

Is this on Netlfix? Pillars was on pretty quick after it aired.

It hasn’t officially aired yet, so not yet. Official start date is 4/1.

The first episode is up on their website:

First episode airs tonight. :D

This is going to be a great series. Using Spartacus as my baseline I was fully expecting a horrible few episodes until it got going, but damn…this show was incredible from the very start!

I hate that Arthur looks like John Boy from “The Waltons”, but other than that…awesome.

Yay! I actually remembered to set the DVR. Can’t wait to watch now (If robsam can be trusted).

To be fair (to the show and to myself), I was very bored last night and when I saw this coming on I got excited that something new and possibly interesting was about to start. I did enjoy it, but I would like to change “incredible” to “good”. Also, I retract the exclamation point. It just looks silly. I think the majority here will enjoy the show to at least some degree, and it will get picked apart and savaged by others. No spoilers, but I suspect their take on the legend of removing the sword from the stone will draw a lot of criticism.