They weren’t sacrificing virgins. “You have no idea what it means to be chosen!” I suspect that Morgan herself was chosen when she was younger, or at the very least she has seen the ritual.

Having caught up on the last two episodes, I can honestly say that the best thing about this show is that when it is canceled after the end of this season Joseph Fiennes can just submit his scenes to the Game of Thrones people as his audition reel for Stannis Baratheon.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I just keep watching hoping Eva Green gets naked again.

Other than that I pretty much hate every main character. Arthur and Guinevere are just miserable. I’ve never liked Claire Forlani. Other than Merlin the only people at Camelot I actually like are Kay and Gawain. Arthur’s a tool, Kay should be king. Even Leontes is such a drip I can’t feel bad for him that his wife is giving him horns to wear.

I kind of agree, Fiennes is the best thing on the show.

I really don’t like to twist they’ve put in of Arthur stealing Guinevere from another man. I don’t recall that from any previous rendition of the legend before. Is it? I suppose they are hoping to get a few seasons out of this and later on when Lancelot shows up and has the affair with Guinevere, Merlin can say, “Yeah, well, you knew she was like that when she had an affair with you…”

Fiennes is great. I look forward to more of him embracing his magic and fighting for control.

Maybe not … but she made it sound like they were. She tried to save herself from being beheaded with an explanation that made it sound like she should be slowly tortured, then burnt at the stake. “I couldn’t have robbed that bank, officer, I was busy murdering young women at the time!”

Well here is my take on the show. When I first heard of Camelot it was because of the attachment of Michael Hirst as writer/ producer. Hirst ran the excellent The Tudors before coming on this show. The Tudors had an excellent cast, story and beautiful sets and wardrobe. Camelot sadly has none of these. Only Fiennes and Eva Green seem to be able to rise above the pos story. And less said about the Xena level sets and wardrobe the better. Awful just Awful.

Well, the first two minutes or so of the latest episode brings Camelot back to the greatness of the first episode.

But then the rest of it has Eva Green wearing clothes, so that was pretty boring.

Remember this show? If you haven’t the seen the last two episodes, you have missed…nothing of note. Dammit, I hoped for more from this series.

Yeah, it’s lost any momentum it ever had.

I was interested up to pulling the sword from the stone, and all that it entailed of Merlins scheming and decades long plans. I was interested in Merlins history and all.

After that, I just got bored with the whole soap opera thing where Arthur must fuck the one chick he shouldn’t thing.

And yeh less Eva Green nekkid meant less interest.

Also Arthur reminds me of the goofy annoying actor(Mathew Lillard) from Scooby Doo and The Wing Commander movie (Maniac), so I started off disliking him.

I have no interest in Arthur. I’m irritated at the Leontes/Guinevere/Arthur bit, I don’t want Arthur to be a despicable adulterer.

I loved all of Merlin’s machinations to create a king of his choosing. I’d be glued to the screen if the show was entirely about Merlin and how he creates the king and manufactures a kingdom, but all the whiny bits with Arthur make me want to not watch…

I’m still watching for Joseph Fiennes.

Thank you!

I’ve decided to stop watching because of Joseph Fiennes. Maybe if enough people refuse to watch it’ll get canceled, freeing Joseph up for Stannis Baratheon on GoT.

What’s with all the Joe Fiennes love? Where the rest of the cast (except for Green) seem to be underacting, Fienne’s is overacting which is just as bad. His take was compelling the first episode or so but then it became almost comical.

Those faces he makes are just chuckle-inducing. He does have some of the best dialogue and scenes in the show, but he seems like he’s performing on an SNL skit.

Anyway, first 2 episodes were entertaining but the third was painful to watch. A bit daytime soap-y.

Haha Jake!

I have fallen asleep and had to re-watch the last 2 episodes, I didn’t even bother with tonight’s, its on the dvr, here is hoping it finds it groove SOON.

**Apparently there was no episode tonight?

I don’t even applaud them for trying anymore; Michael Hirst is phoning it in (and running up the long-distance charges).

I just can’t get past Arthur looking like a douche. Could they maybe have cast a less douchey looking actor? I dislike him every time he appears on screen, never mind any time he talks.

I’d rather watch a show based on Morgan. Though whatsherface, Arthur’s mother, acted the hell out of the last episode. She had all Eva Green’s mannerisms and inflections down.

Canceled, apparently due to scheduling conflicts and not necessarily sagging ratings. Supposition is that either Joseph Fiennes or Jamie Campbell Bower became unavailable.

I wonder who we’ll see from this show on Game of Thrones?

Apparently everybody wants to cast Eva Green as some character I’ve never heard of because the books are effective enough to make me so angry that I get uncomfortable reading them, so nuts to that “let’s read ahead” idea I had before.

Ironically (?), the Arthur that everybody hates was already in Game of Thrones, in the pilot, as were maybe a couple of other folks.