So finished watching this over the weekend on Netflix. Last couple of episodes weren’t too bad - at least there was plenty of action and intrigue. I think it started to get good towards the end - could have been an interesting 2nd season if it hadn’t been cancelled.

We started watching it and felt that after the first couple it rapidly nosedived. Whiny kid Arthur was a real breaker for both us and we both just gave up pretty much at the excalibur episode, gave it one last chance and stopped watching after the nun showed up.

Glad to hear that something actually happened in the last couple of episodes. For a series that had enough budget to get Eva Green and Fiennes on the cast list, it’s a shame they couldn’t spend another few quid leaving the camelot or other castle set more often and actually go and do something interesting every now and again.

It did make me want to go and get hold of Excalibur again though.

This is one of my favorite show and i had watch many episodes of it.