Camp Clinton: Fat Lady Singing Opening Aria

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Russert, Chuck Todd, and others reporting today that Obama has been working the phones Mondale-style (more in a sec) to secure the nomination on Wednesday the fourth of June, after Montana and South Dakota finish the Primary season with their votes.

In '84, Fritz Mondale won the NJ primary in June, but lost California to Gary Hart, and things were still up in the air…but Mondale had worked on Supers throughout the month, and just after NJ, a group of like 30 of them came out en masse to support him. It killed all the momentum from Hart’s campaign and ensured a Mondale victory.

Obama is doing something similar. He’s got about 40 Supers in his pocket right now from both houses of Congress. The details aren’t clear, as they depend greatly on how the DNC chooses to seat the FL and MI delegations when they meet on Saturday, but the most likely scenario–according to Todd, who is golden–has Camp Obama trotting out all the Supers he needs on Monday, just enough to put him ten delegates shy of whatever the goalpost is after the DNC meeting. Then Montana will put him over the top and he’ll be able to declare victory based on actual votes. Clinton will have lost by any measure at that point, and if she continues to fight onwards the damage to her political future will be rather irreversible.

I’ll believe the banked super-delegates when I seen them rolled out. This is like the third time this primary cycle that there have been rumors of 30+ supers in Obama’s pocket, and they haven’t come to anything yet.

Well, after the last primary on Tuesday there really won’t be any reason for the super-delegates to hedge their bets. There should be a clear winner (and a sore loser) at that point.

I’m a process geek on journalism, and if Chuck Todd, Tim Russert, and Ben Smith at are all reporting this, I’m assuming independent corroboration of sources, probably Plouffe and Axelrod from Obama, and probably a few of the individuals in the Superbloc as well.

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