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I’m sensing a disturbing lack of raw sewage, solitary confinement, beatings, electrocution of genitals, starvation and gas chambers.

And the camp was accused of those things… where?

The main problem with Camp X-Ray is the indeterminate status of the people there, and those types of questions are slowly working their way through the civil and military legal systems. The ‘are they POWs or what’ question?

Camp X-Ray does psychological warfare things like sleep deprivation and constant playing of The Boss, but is that torture? Not at all, according to the modern definition, but of course, some people disagree.

Aside from that, for real torture and genital zapping, we send people off to other countries to have that done for us. And that’s just plain wrong, but a completely different subject.

I dunno… having to listen to The Boss day and night counts as torture in my book.

Here’s a swiss franc. Call Geneva and ask to talk to the convention.

Sleep deprivation is absolutely torture. It’s one of the surest ways to break someone down psychologically. There are times I think its use is justified, but the detainees have been there too long with too indeterminate a status.

So, while Naqibullah is at home now, helping his father in the fields, Asadullah is in Kabul, seeing if the UN will continue his schooling. “There is no electricity and no clinic in my village. It’s a bit boring, nothing new happens there,” he said, looking embarrassed.

So, we done rebuilding Afghanistan yet, or was that a lie too?

Not sexy enough for cnn.

So, we done rebuilding Afghanistan yet, or was that a lie too?

Re-built to what state, the Russian occupation, or the British occupation?

Why, make it better than it ever was, if they help us get Osama… you can’t tell me that the Bush Cartel lied! No way!

Linoleum, that is your proof of rebuilding, an article that states if we indoctrine the children, eventually in 20 years the people won’t hate Americans? If only more american soldiers played soccer…