Campaign: web game (self promotion!)

Some of you may remember my goofy political web game Campaign from a few months back. I wanted to let everyone know that we updated it for the general election with Obama and McCain and some new unit abilities.

Embarrassingly enough, we actually didn’t have McCain in the primary version (when we picked the characters, everyone was saying his campaign was dead, I blame the pundits).

Campaign is a turn based tactical combat/territory control game. It’s pretty simple really, but I think we’ve hit a pretty good unit balance with this version. That said, The Political Machine this is not, it’s a pretty simple web game.

Anyway, here’s some places to play it:
(warning: music plays right away, there’s a mute button in the top right)

I’m also tracking wins to make this chart which is mildly entertaining and probably about as accurate as any professional polling data:

Is it free?


We made the game pretty much for fun and as a little advertisement for our work. Most of our games have been for “tween” aged girls which, uh, don’t seem to have a lot of crossover appeal with other demographics.