Can anyone here translate a Chinese game title for me?

I thought it was a “Three Kingdoms” game – and it does appear to be set in that era – but the characters on the manual cover don’t match up with Chinese titles I’ve found online.

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…link anywhere to pic or something?

…I can’t read Chinese either!

It says iron road three kingdoms.

Okay, I was just told it could also be “Webbed path”

Some defunct three kingdoms MMO?

網路三國 = wăng lù sān guó = Three Kingdoms Online

網路 means online? haha!

Could it be “Three Kingdoms for Networks” or something along those lines?

I ask because it seems to be a single-player game. I was able to install it and “play” it (within the limits of my feeble understanding) without a log-in or anything.

I appreciate all the help, folks! Many thanks!


網路 = Network (The Internet)
在线 or 线上 = Online
網路三國 = Internet Three Kingdom

Online Three Kingdoms

How did rei know what Peter was looking for?

I PM-ed a link to a pic on Tumblr (to which I should have just linked here).

It is 网络(wang luo) or 网路(wang lu). The Internet of Three Kingdoms.

While the word “网路” (Simplified Chinese used in Mainland China) or “網路” (Traditional Chinese used in Taiwan) does means “Network”, it is also commonly used as short-form for the word “Internet”. However, Chinese companies usually will translate it as “XXX Online” instead of “The Internet of XXXX” (sound very strange).

So this is really “Three Kingdoms Online”