Can anyone recommend

… a reliable 128MB Ti 4600 video card that’s going for a decent price?



you may also be able to find a Ti4800 for even less somewhere else but NewEgg is just so fast and reliable that I personally don’t like doing business anywhere else. If I mail order from an unknown shop I’ll look it up on the BBB site and to my surprise I found that a disproportionate amount of the lower priced vendors have unsatisfactory ratings (or maybe it isn’t so surprising now that I think about it).

Rant: I finally went with a Radeon and while I could care less who is on top of the pile sales-wise I doubt I’ll be going with ATi’s product again for awhile. Artifacting, incompatibilities, Radeons fussiness with generic power supply units (do I really need to go out and drop $100 on a name-brand PSU?), issues with 4-in-1 drivers on VIA chipsets, etc etc. While theres a wealth of info out there on diagnosing probs with Radeon cards (Rage3D is an awesome site) the fact remains I’ve never, ever had a single issue with any of the 3 GeForce cards I’ve owned over the past 3+ years. I shouldn’t have to spend hours chasing down bugs everytime I install a new game.

Thanks very much for the tip. My previous experience with was also a good one–a super-cheap 200GB IDE drive some months ago–and I’ve gone ahead and ordered the TI 4600.