Can I put a 7900GT in my computer without blowing something up?

Okay, so I have some money to spend and I’m dying for a new video card as my current one is showing its age with the new games out. I plan on building my own computer on my birthday, but that’s a ways off. I’m currently looking at this but I’m worried about my power supply.

My specs are:

Dell Dimension 8400
P4 3.4 GHz Dual Core w/ HT
2 GB Ram
Windows XP Home Edition
(current video card is an ATI X800 XL)

The power supply is 350W. I’ve heard conflicting reports… Some say it will run fine at minimum power supply reqs and some say its a bad idea. I don’t really have the money to upgrade my power supply and I keep reading its a pain to do it with a Dell regardless. I’m not planning on overclocking or anything if that helps. I’m just curious if its worth it to upgrade my video card?

EDIT: Meant 7900GS.

Dell uses better power supplies than average. I think you should have no problems putting a 7900 in there.

Thanks. I’m considering buying it this weekend, I’m paranoid about buying it and having it not fit or not be compatible or something. I’ve seen people say that it works fine though so maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and take a chance.

Just to add to what Rob says, I’m running a ATI X700 Pro (recommended power supply of 300W) on a Dell Dimension 8200 which only has a 250W power supply. I’ve also got an extra internal hard drive running on the 250W power supply. I’ve been running this setup for about 6 months with no problems at all. Not saying this is a smart move, but it does seem to have worked, at least as a stopgap move until I upgrade to a Vista DX10 computer.

I have my 7900GT running off a 300w PS with zero problems.

Good to hear guys. I went ahead and bought the card. Thanks again!

My 7900GT caused me nothing but headaches. I wish you better luck than I.

apparently there were a LOT of finicky/buggy/defective 7900GT cards. some that won’t do overlay mode w/o slight overclocking etc, stupid shit like that.