Can I strangle my EyePet?

Any of you with kids (or kidlike minds) got this?

Never mind Demon’s Souls - this is the hardest, most frustrating PlayStation 3 game you’ll play all year. This should have a M-rating for all the swearing you’ll do, trying to make the fucking pet do as it’s told, so you can complete challenges!

On a serious note, this is a quite clever toy, the pet has real personality (but all pets share one personality) and everything looks gorgeous. But the camera, although better than the PS2-one has issues and this is a game that if you’re Scandinavian you can apparently only play during spring and summer, since normal energy saving lightening don’t work.

One challenge I had to pet the thing till it fell asleep (and dreamt of past interactions with my daughter - cute overload!) and take a picture, but it kept getting startled. It took me five additional lamps to get (and the game gave no feedback as to what was wrong, I had to search the intarwebs for that)… I was ready to pick up the critter and throw it across the room by then. Not telling you, what you’re doing wrong is a recurring problem here.

As you can see I have a love/hate relationship with EyePet… and I really don’t see kids putting up with the frustrations. So make sure they play in a very well lit room and don’t throw the controller at your tv.

… ah, here’s something I feel strongly about, perhaps I should offer the title for dicussuion with Tom?!

This couldn’t be more off-topic, but I’m so curious that I have to ask. What sort of energy saving lighting are you talking about?

Nothing special or magical about it.

It’s just the combination of the season that make it go dark in the early afternoon combined with ordinary energy saving lightbulbs that apparently renders the EyeToy camera inoperable here.

I’m strangling my EyePet RIGHT NOW if you know what I mean… yeah. That’s the ticket.

Oh, I get it - wanking!

I would probably play Eye Pet, but it’s illegal in my country - energy saving bulbs are the only kind you’'re allowed to buy.

Could the extra light being emitted from your LCD screen’s holes make up for that?

I know you’re ‘joking’ but just to clarify: I didn’t even need to drill holes in the end - I figured a pretty smart way around that. Sorry folks. :(

Can you play Red Rocket with your EyePet?