Can Obama really get things done?

Why wouldn’t you? They are both applying for the same job.

I don’t get to vote b/c I’m an independent and my state (Oregon) doesn’t even get to vote until May, so fuck off for me not following everyone of the candidates for months on end. What’s the point when I have no say unless I decide to register dem/repub and the election is god-damn 9 months away. For some background, I was out in 2004 knocking on doors for 3 months straight to defeat GWB. Where were you lazy bastards besides sitting in front of your computer racking up posts?

FWIW - that point system is my idea b/c I’m tired of seeing all the revolving door on jails for petty crime like theft. I can expand on it some time perhaps, but essentially you give points based on severity of the crime where max = murder = 50 pts, you keep guys in jail till they get their GED and they sort all of our trash into recycleables. Make it not fun to go to Prison, but if they get there, don’t let them out till they can read and do basic math.

Run. Run while y-- Wait, this is an internet forum… Alright then, just… don’t follow up on this thread for a while. I think your original question was answered already yes? Call it a night at that.

I just don’t get the Hillary Hate. For some odd reason I actually have fond memories of seeing the debt counter in Times square get turned off. Hillary and Bill are smart people, they surround themselves with smarter people and I have confidence that if given the chance they can repeat what was done before and get us out of this hell-hole of debt that the republicans have put us in. I see no reason why they couldn’t do the things on my list. Hell, any of the candidates could do good in each of the areas (well, except the prison thing, the ACLU would have a kinipshin shit)

OTOH - Having all three branches controlled by the same leads to too much temptation to fuck over the system, so with dems in power in senate and house, I’ll be tempted to put McCain in charge just to keep the cookie jar somewhat safe.

I’m just full of contradictions and you really can’t label me much more than a independent who swings both ways.

Your prison/death points system, which apparently gives everyone a free murder and four free robberies leads me to believe that additional labels could be applied…

That’s not what he means. People would still serve normal sentences, but each crime you were convicted of would have a point value. When your point value reached 100, you’d be put to death.

At least that’s how I understand it. While I favor the death penalty for some crimes, I’m not sure I’d support killing a habitual thief.

Getting back to the original question, I think that Obama has the magic/charisma/whatever necessary to effectively use the bully pulpit to get people off their asses enough to write and call their freakin’ Senators and Representatives and put the fear of God into them. Also, he’s not a super-ideologue and seems more of a pragmatist and truly able to work with the other side, which of course won’t make the extreme Lefty Dems happy, but they can go pound sand as far as I’m concerned, and the same goes for the extreme Right “McCain is a RINO” Republicans. As a country we need to get some shit done and taken care of, and it’s not going to happen if everything is about demonizing “the Other”.

If you get a point system, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement a hiscore table.

I think you’re going to see a big tie at 100, though…

It’s not a bad idea, but I’m realistic enough to know that it would never get past those liberal pinko hippie commies in the senate.

So, just so I understand, you think the problem with american prisons is that we don’t jail petty criminals for long enough, and that prisons are… fun. That’s… that’s certainly an interesting perspective.

To be fair, he also points out that another flaw of our current system is that no matter how many petty misdemeanors someone commits, they’ll never actually be executed for them.