Can Someone Explain This Please?

So I use GetScreenMe to access my 87 year old mother’s laptop remotely and it is a godsend as she struggles with technical things. It works fine. I used to use Teamviewer but recently they have been limiting sessions to 60 seconds. Anyway.

I am able - or have been - to watch Sky Television from NZ through my browser using a vpn. Just in the last few days I find that while I can still watch on demand content, I can no longer watch live television. I have no idea why.

Anyway I thought maybe I could do it through her laptop using GetScreenMe. So I can connect to her, open her laptop browser, log in to Sky TV and start streaming. I can’t see anything but she can. By anything I mean where the video should be playing - I can still see the surrounding screen.

I note this happened last time I tried while using Teamviewer a year or so ago so it wouldn’t seem likely to be related to that. On that occasion I could hear the audio but still see no picture.

Anyone have any ideas??? Why can I not see the stream that is playing?

It is most likely HDCP related (or some other type of DRM). If you asked her to take a screenshot of her entire desktop the region the video is playing in will likely be blank, too.

Yeah, that would be my guess.

Oh ok. So no way around it then?

It’s probably possible but this is something of an edge case (decrypting and playing it in real time) and I don’t know of anything I could recommend to you for it.

You’re probably better off focussing on the VPN issue. I read recently that a lot of content providers are playing whack-a-mole with VPNs and perhaps have blocked yours (somewhat; live TV is more prestigious I guess). Maybe try another one?

Yes it didn’t work with the vpn for years but suddenly it did. It seems weird that I can still access the on demand stuff.

Never mind it’s a 1st world problem after all. Thanks for the likely explanation to you & @Ginger_Yellow.
At least I learned about HDCP.

Not exactly HDCP, but same shit

Thanks, that’s interesting also.