Can someone help me with a playwright question?

Rooster Mitchell. Pretty dark stuff, but I like it.

I read some excerpts from a few of his plays in one of those best Monologues of 1999/2000/2001 books. I wanted copies of the full plays. I tried the internet; Dramatists Play Service among a few others. No go. i called his representaion listed in the back. He had since changed. i searched the net on multiple search engines. Found a few reviews and one site where he commented on plays and actually had an email address. No reply.

I know this question is for maybe 3 people on this board who happen to live in L.A. or thereabourts, but I am fresh out of ideas. For everyone else, bite me. :wink:

If you’re living in LA, try calling Samuel French Bookstore on Sunset and seeing if they’ve got any. If you’re not in LA, I don’t know if they do mail order. I’ve been able to find every play under the sun there, so if he’s in print, it’ll be there.

Thanks. I may have tried there, but it was a month or so ago and I have forgotten. I’m not in L.A., but I will give them a ring. Thanks