Can someone recommend a good, durable toaster oven?

I wasn’t trying to start this argument again, just thought it was funny watching a drunk Alton Brown yell at the thing. As he said (paraphrasing): He knows how to cook, so he doesn’t need it. :-P

No worries, I love and idolize the man.

I’m also encountering weird stuff with the controls on my breville.

The oven was real nice, but the fact that its controls are getting wonky is annoying, given how expensive it was.

I’m looking at the ninja foodie oven, which has a lot of similar capabilities, and flips up to be out of the way, which seems nice. Also opens up on the bottom which would make cleaning much easier.

I’m not sure if it’ll fit under my overhead cabinets on my countertop though. I’d need to measure.

As always, I would suggest whatever the Wirecutter recommends.

If you go to their Convection Toaster Oven review page, they rank the Breville just behind this one with the only issues being that its a bit more expensive ( like $30 now ) and takes a bit longer to pre-heat to their target of 350 degrees. They also said it lacks an oven light but that is incorrect.
I have had some bad luck with Cuisinart products in the past which is why I shied away from their oven and went with the Breville. Ive had my Breville a few years now and have had zero issues with it. Its a work horse that gets used pretty much daily in my kitchen.
My brother, on the other hand, decided to go with a Ninja Foodie grill on the advice of a friend of his. He has only had it a few weeks but likes it. I am interested to see how it holds up.

Yep, I love my Breville too. Quite elderly now, and I use it many times a week. If it broke I would immediately buy another one.

I’ve generally had good luck with Cuisinart stuff (recently bought toaster and coffee maker), but as always YMMV.

I bought a blender from them that literally caught on fire. Now I do understand that this is probably an outlier but I tend to shy away from companies that sell things that spontaneously combust. Of course, I am sure that there are people who have had similar bad luck with Breville or Ninja so its not an indictment of Cuisinart, just a choice made on personal experience.

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Our toaster died this week, so I am in the market, but thinking a toaster/air fryer/convection oven combo is the way to go.

I like the idea of the space-saving Ninja, but it is too low to roast a whole chicken, something my wife likes to do. I know a lot of you like Breville, but they are a bit more expensive and take up more room. The Cuisinart gets good current reviews. So I’m trying to balance factors and find the sweet spot.

As always, input appreciated.

I think it will get used quite a bit, but mostly for reheating and toasting duties.

I have the Cuisinart recommended by Wirecutter. Actually, it’s my second because the first one’s display stopped working so Cuisinart shipped me a new one free of charge.

It’s been pretty decent for the most part. Initially it heated up very quickly but over time it’s gotten slower and slower, probably due to oil buildup on the inside. I roast a lot of vegetables in it and the fan will throw oil everywhere on high speed. It’s… not easy to clean. The fan side also cooks faster so I’ve started rotating pans halfway through the cooking time.

If it fails, I probably won’t get another. It takes up a fair amount of counter space and a standard oven is good enough for my needs.

Ninja Air Fryer Toaster Oven is only 200 bucks and it is the best one we have ever owned. We used to have the Breville. The problem with the Breville is that the air conduction died twice on us (we owned two over the years). The Ninja is so much cheaper that even if it breaks we can buy another and still that is less than the cost of the Breville. That being said the Ninja is not tall so not going to cook a small Turkey in it but on the other hand the Ninja does air fry.

Pretty much all of them do now, don’t they?

It looks like yes, pretty much all do air fry now.

I’m leaning toward a GE model. Big enough to cook a chicken, and it seems to get good reviews across the board. Also about $200, though I think the same model is at Best Buy for $180. I need to cross-reference model numbers.

I got one of these a while back, and I’ve been very happy with it.

One big advantage of it is that its heating element is instant on with no pre-heating, which is nice. It was cheap, too.

Potential disadvantage is that its max temp is only 400, instead of 450… but I’ve found that it cooks things fine at 400, even if they recommend being baked at 450, probably due to it being convectionifying.

The rotisserie thing inside is a nice feature, especially with the basket thing. It does a very good job with things like wings or fries.

We still use our air fryer a LOT. Hell, it gets used -almost- as much as the microwave, especially so during the summer. An air fryer barely heats the area around it, while doing anything in the oven means that half the house seems to heat up.

Hmmm…The Ninja Air Fryer Toaster has it in their name so they win? ; )

My wife got mad at me because I bought a toaster oven way back and she felt it took up too much counter space and we already had an oven. But now that we live in Florida and she can have heathier fried like food in our smaller less heat producing air fryer toaster oven - now I am a hero!

The funny thing is I originally bought the toaster oven so I never made her oven dirty.

I’m okay there, I clean the kitchen more. But I hear ya. It takes a smart man to work around the problem and still get a win. Cheers!

I clean the dishes by hand. I find no one bothers me when I clean the dishes and I get to think about things while helping out. Sometimes I clean the dishes when I am on a work meeting that I am not leading. Though I forgot to mute myself once and someone asked is anyone washing the dishes? It was funny because I thought people would be annoyed but I ended getting praised for it on the phone.

Who knew??

I should have unmuted myself all along!

I’ve been doing house chores while muted on calls as well. Especially on the larger calls with huge slide decks just updating things we know, etc. I’ve also found out almost the exact distance I can get from my laptop with my wireless headset before I break up, and how far before my headset beeps and I can’t hear anyone.

I think you’re doing a good thing too.