Can someone recommend me a joystick or joystick/rudder, please?

So I just picked up Flight Simulator X. Can anyone recommend me a good joystick or joystick/rudder setup? Don’t want to spend more than $50.

I got a refurbished Saitek Cyborg Evo for like $20. I only use it for FS9, and I’m not really that into flight sims, but it works good enough for what I do. Has plenty of buttons, a HAT, a throttle, and you twist it for the rudder.

I second the Saiteks.

Resurrected because its 2 years later.
I got Freespace 1 and 2. What’s good and not too expensive (but not cheap)?

Thrustmaster T16000M

Its a great mid-range joystick. Also discussed it towards the end of this thread:

For those who can’t recognize joystick brands and models by sight alone, this one is the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.

Saitek is the way to go. Affordable and generally high quality. Avoid Logitech like the plague. Thrustmaster quality has been hurting for a long time.

Just quoting this for high pun factor.


I’ve had three or four of them, and every single one of them malfunctioned in one way or another after a short period, and I’m not one of those who bash their jostick like crazy.

Ha! Brilliant, I didn’t even see it.

I’m on my second one in a year. I’ll still get another replacement unless another company produces a new joystick with decent force feedback.

I had a Saitek Cyborg Evo before. It’s sturdy but the force feedback is very poor. If only Microsoft brought back the Sidewinder…