Can Steam use 2 different drives?

I have 2 partitions on my system, and the one with steam is pretty much filled up. Can I tell future steam games to install to my other drive? Or do I have to reinstall Steam and redownload everything onto the second drive?

No is the answer, which really is kinda tragic, all things considered.

It is more retarded than tragic. Steam almost manages to be a really good solution to the problem it is trying to address but then manages to be retarded in lots of implementation-detail ways, with not being able to download games to other/multiple locations still being the worst problem.

If it’s one of the apps that only has a minimal .gcf file, could you use a junction point to point to the folder with the rest of the files on a different drive?

That sounds really sketchy. I can only imagine how much Steam would punish me for even considering something like that.

Two installs?

Wouldn’t that cause registry issues?

STEAM sucks. Wish everyone used Stardock. I intsall all my Stardock apps to different directories on multiple (FOUR) hard drives.

Steam is a great idea hindered by a shoddy implementation.

Yeah, Steam does suck, but Half-Life 2… sooo good!

Instead of whining like a little bitch that Steam is too impotent to be a proper solution, create something superior. I mean, Valve are just hacks so clearly someone who is as knowledgable as you are can create something far better.

Let us know when you have.

This is amazingly constructive and helpful for the discussion.

So, for now on, if anyone ever has a problem with any game, software, or anything else on this forum, there will be no complaining. The only time you can ever have an issue with anything is if you create a better, working version of the thing you are complaining about. Then, you can point at the thing you’ve created and show the flaw in the original construct.

Personally, I’m creating a new user interface for the Tech Tree in Sword of the Stars. I should be done in about a month and a half. But when I am, you won’t believe the ribbing I’m going to give to the original one! Oh crap, did I imply a complaint just then? Sorry Met, I take it back. No complaining until I have it working.

I agree with flyinj. Stop being so immature, Met K