Can Such A Place Exist? Want to trade games with gamers

I’m going through my library of games and there are few I’m not going to play anymore and I’m wondering is there a site that allows people to trade games with other people. I want to cut out the middle man and I’m not going to give EB or any store the game for 4 dollars just so they can turn it around and sell it to someone for 5 dollars less than a brand new copy.


I think he meant barter, not selling. has a swapping section, but I’m leery of the honor system, since honor seems to be a vanishing commodity.

No that’s bidding and selling. I want to dead up trade my game for someone else game they have on a list of trades

Kinda related: Is there an equivalent of NetFlix for PC games?

Edit: Nevermind.
Move along.

Well…there is the Game Trading Zone

I used it a few times in years past but not since 2003 or so so I can’t really vouch for how well it works now, but I used to get pretty good results for games that were either popular/rare.

I used it a lot years ago (until it became a pay site). I always had really good luck.

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FYI, it’s not a pay site anymore. I’ve had good luck with it as well.

obligatory link to (ex-)GoneGold trading forum:

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