Can uo ever go back?

If you ever played Ultima Online, you can go here .

They held your things for you.
Which is odd, because they never did that before. I’ve returned to that game three times and found pretty much all my stuff gone every time.
But, they say it’ll be back.
So much like an abusive boyfriend, and me so much like a Lifetime Network protagonist who does not yet know what is good for her.

Anyways, I only tell you guys because I know some other people still consider UO to have been the high watermark for online gaming. The playerkilling, the item whores, the fancy-lads, the leet guildies. Remember it all, and the rollbacks, ohh the rollbacks. Still, you could dress a bunch of different ways, dye your clothes and steal the entire contents of someone’s backpack.


For those of you that played and hated UO, flame on Johnny Storm, flame on. Just kidding, you have to be specific and tell my why Morrowind or Wow are any better,

So all along they never deleted innactive acounts and items/houses associated with them??

Yes, uh, since I haven’t played in something like 8 years, I don’t remember my account name, password or have the same email address.

I remember my account info, because I had to rapid fire retype it whenever I was rebooting or disco’d. That was how I learned to type without looking at the keys.

And yeah, I have returned several times to find a lot of my stuff deleted, but…they say it is back. Offshore shards and Lake Superior did not deleted your stuff, places like Atlantic and Catskills did. I don’t know how exactly that will work because towers that decayed in 1999 probably have had 2-3 other structures put up in the same location since then.

Aside from that…
If anyone is going to give the game another shot, you can post your server here. I played on Catskills, Lake Superior, Great Lakes and Drachenfels.

I would have to say, the game was most fun before we all knew what all the numbers meant and how to make them go up. Because we didn’t know how to grind, we were just forced to play, and it was good. Discovering how the titles worked was great. Meeting your first Adept Swordsman or Master mage usually meant your death, but it was an exciting death.

You got me to go look at their site to see all of the changes they’ve made and they really seem to have made the game unnecessarily complicated. Instead of starting from scratch with a new engine (weeps for UO2) they are trying to pigeonhole all of these advances in development into their already clunky system.

All of the new lands are just new ‘loads’ which I would imagine would make the lands even more barren. The split between Felucca and Trammel was a very ham-handed solution to PVP (separate servers altogether would have been better). The introduction of elves (ELVES IN UO?!?!) looks sloppy with the only real benefit being more housing tile sets (yay, increase database size).

Throw in their money-grubbing skills with their ‘powerup’ features like character transfer (yeah, SOE is guilty too), ‘auto-elite’ characters, additional character slot (for $20?!?!), and I see a system that is user-unfriendly and even almost hostile to new and returning players.

wtf? Elves? what game universe is this in again?

Add rifles not elves, fuckers, it’s ultima.

Good god.

Well, if you want to go old old school, Ultima III had as playable races elves, dwarves, fuzzies (ripped off from the Fuzzy sci-fi novels), and errrr “Bobbits.”

I take it you don’t know about the ninja and samurai. The game is such an eclectic mishmash of everything under the sun. It’s sad.

The different genders provided were male, female and other. :shock:

So I guess rolling a Bobbit Other would be a natural choice… :shock:

uo can never go back.

Wow! People still play UO ? That’s like engaging in some retro-gaming.

in ultima 3, the characters were persistent as long as you didn’t die, so what you could do was create a party with one real character and three female fuzzy fighters (just type “fff”, real easy) and then you pool the gold to the real character

OMG hax!

I thought this was just a mistyped thread. “Yuo can never go back”

People still play Ultima Online?

I had “Can you ever go back?” as the title, and then I edited it because I remembered the “yuo” typo.

The confusion I wanted to evoke was about nostalgia, the world changing and you the person changing, I think you get it. Not that I’m overly clever, just bored at work.

Yeah. If you look at those mmorpg subscription charts, you’ll see that UO has kept a steady playerbase for the past few years.

What this tells me is that UO finally became what the designers wanted it to be when they started all those years ago: an online community.