Can we block the Evony ads on the forum now please?

I’m tired of my browser looking like I’m surfing torrent sites, or other sites of ill repute.

You might as well ask that they block the endless Ann Coulter ads that show up in the Politics forum or the foreign language ad I keep seeing in hardware while your at it.

As I understand it blocking a specific ad is difficult. Basicaly the banner space is being sold as a package to an ad provider that uses software that is supposed to figure out what would be appropriate in each specific banner location. Given that you see Evony ads all over the gaming related internet, I think we can safely assume they are making big buys in that category right now.

Pretty sure I remember Tom saying he could actually block specific problem ads.

You can block ads… but the Evony folks have spammed their ads using so many different accounts/urls, that you can’t get them all. There is a reason you see their ads everywhere, they are gaming the system.

I like the Evony ads.

I don’t care, I find them kind of funny which is more than can be said for most ads.

What I take issue with is ads which make sounds when I mouse over them. I’m looking at that Death ad and the Star Sign one. In my opinion that’s the point where advertising stops being a passive attempt to get my attention and starts annoying me in a way I can’t reasonably avoid. I can ignore visual ads fine, but I can’t ignore a sound.

Of course it’s entirely up to the owner of the site to put whatever ads they like, and I won’t be one of those people who claim they have a “right” not to see ads - that’s complete crap. But in my opinion ads which play sounds are beyond the pale and diminish the site they’re displayed on.

It is a shame that ad networks don’t generally give end users the ability to block specific ads/ad campaigns/ad posters. It might seem counterintuitive to do so, but there are some sites I visit that I adblock entirely because of one or two ads they’ve run and so one bad apple ad provider is basically fucking over all the other advertisers whose ads I’d normally be fine with seeing if they weren’t mixed in with the horrible ones. The end result is that the ad network gets less overall ad impressions from me because they don’t give me any means to be more selective about my blocking. (I know I can block specific ads by url, but they are so often served from many different hosts and as different subtle variations of the same ad that this doesn’t work very well.)

Nothing on Qt3 (yet) rises to my level of feeling like I should block ads on the whole site, though. The Evony ads are retarded, but tolerable.

I’d block imvu asap.

The Evony ads seem to use Flash now and I have Flashblock installed, so I usually don’t see them (unless I’m curious enough to see what the Flash ad is and surprise, most of the time it’s an Evony ad). The majority of ads here (which I don’t block) appear to be regular GIFs.

There are plenty of free porn sites out there, and video is better than a still anyway.

You can’t escape the Evony ads if you use the internet.

Hell, they even made the national news in Australia this morning:

My lord, why do you hate boobs?

Australians are prudes. This is why they sent all of their criminals to England.

What Evony ads?




Tom doesn’t like people blocking ads on Qt3.

Tom might not like it, but these ads are making me want to apply an IP-ban on all of Google’s ad networks.

The many accounts the Evony sods are using should really be against Google’s terms of use. Come on - more than one client is asking to serve up exactly the same ads? Time to improve those famous algorithms[1], n00bs!

I don’t get those evony ads on QT3, but get a ton from a scammy SMS company here in Spain. I even once blocked all ads because there was one coming up all the time from these guys with an extremely loud noise whenever the mouse pointer passed over it.

I now tolerate them as long as they keep quiet but I’m still somewhat pissed about them, because they are a naked scam that shouldn’t be on any self-respecting site.
I understand that is mostly Google that is failing Tom more than Tom failing anyone.

Personally, I’m not a fan of ad blocking on the client. I know it is sometimes worthwhile due to hacks and whatnot that crop up via ads now and again, but for the most part I adopt a “vote with your feet” type attitude with websites. If I hate the ads enough that I want to block them, I’ll just go elsewhere for the information your site provides. If I care enough about the site, I’ll send them an email about the ads I found objectionable. Sometimes they change, sometimes they don’t.

But Google does need to re-evaluate how their ad placements work. People are gaming their system… time to change the rules.

No Facebook ad blockers seem to work for me at all. :/