Can we block the Evony ads on the forum now please?

C’mon, Australia! What the hell?

They say at the start that kids are more internet savvy these days. Of course they are. So why the hell do they care about some cleavage on there when the internet is loaded with free porn? These days kids see more tits before breakfast than I did throughout most of my junior high.

I wonder if Netnanny will block Evony ads for concerned Aussie parents.

All porn is blocked in Australia. For the childrens’ sake. They wrote computer programs that protect children, and do a perfect job.

As for the Evony ads, I haven’t noticed them. I had never seen the one pictured in the above-linked article before. I usually get text ads in the banner spaces. Sometimes I see an interracial dating ad.

Okay I am living under a rock called complete ignorance. I had no idea Aussies couldn’t get porn on the net… my god… While the U.S. liberates Iraq millions of people are suffering in Oz. I am so sorry.

I’m tempted to post a big picture of naked women just to lend a hand to the entire continent of Australia for a brief moment in time until the censors block it.

I can only get off on still pictures.

I’m curious, just how effective is saturation advertising like this anyway?

Either rossm is being a little too subtle in his sarcasm, or he’s thinking of the current government proposal to apply very strict filtering to the net to try and put flowers, ponies and rainbows all over the Internet. Of course the chances of this going through unimpeded are indistinguishable from 0% unless you use quite a lot of decimal places. Right now, we can access porn just like everyone else and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

The conspiracy theorists have pointed out that the ABC has published rather a lot of these alarmist “the Internet is depraved” articles over the last few weeks to soften the population up for the government to get this issue through with less resistance. Fortunately as you can tell from the comments, they have a long way to go.


Indeed. The ads are bad enough that I adBlock Qt3 at work.


Holy shit! I just got an Evony ad that had a guy in it. He was wearing armor and had a sword and was making a war face!

There were no ta-ta’s in evidence anywhere!

No worries, the girl ads also started with them fully dressed. Just give it a few more days …

And I don’t like it when people don’t pay to use my screen space to serve adds.

Seriously though, why does he care?

The basis for funding the running of this site is advertising. It’s part of the deal wen using this (and many other free forums). I find value in being a member of QT3 and in return, I allow ads to be displayed – even the annoying Evony ones.

If you dont like the ads, click on them.
running ad block in some ways loses money for Tom. Clicking the ads loses money for evony. I know which I’d choose.
I’m guessing it costs tham $0.05 per click.

Actually, it’s a win-win from that perspective. Evony loses money, Tom gets part of said money. But I wouldn’t condone that.

Anyway, do it too much and Google will throw the clicks out.

I’m paying out of my own pocket for the bandwidth you’re using when you read this forum. That’s why I care. If, however, you’d like to foot the bill, let me know and I’ll invoice you.


Really people, Tom may have ticked some of you off for the way he runs things IN HIS OWN HOUSE lately, some of his decisions have even mystified me, but this ad-block discussion is stupid. I don’t click on them enough to pay for the amount of time I read posts here, but I sure as hell know it’s wrong to block them.

Fuck it, Tom, close down the forum for a week or set up a subsciption fee. A five dollars a year subscription will clean up a lot of your problems here, and tell everyone that pays it that the ads will still be there, and if they don’t like it they can go to hell.