Can we please kill the ICQ status thingies

They make the page end up in a continual state of load.

Everyone reading this who has ICQ stuff in their profile, please take it out. It don’t work.

I’ll second that.

Yeah, I freakin’ hate those damn things. Anyone know if there’s a way to disable them globally in PHP’s software? I did a keyword search for ‘ICQ’ in their knowledge base and couldn’t find anything.


chet’s a smartypants, make him delete 'em from the database and then hack the profile page to make it not an option.

Okay, I found this thread, which I think addresses the problem, in the PHP BB forums:

But I have no idea what it means or how to implement it. Can anyone translate it into non-techhead English for me?


yeah, this post sums it up:

just get someone to find that file and open it in a text editor, replacing the chunk of code with the listed fix.

again, make chet do it. :P

ftp to, find the .tpl file requested, and you’re good. notepad would do it.

---Open viewtopic_body.tpl--------


<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"><!--

   if ( navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('mozilla') != -1 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf('5.') == -1 )
      document.write(' {postrow.ICQ_IMG}');
      document.write('</td><td>&</td><td valign="top" nowrap="nowrap"><div style="position:relative"><div style="position:absolute">{postrow.ICQ_IMG}</div><div style="position:absolute;left:3px;top:-1px">{postrow.ICQ_STATUS_IMG}</div></div>');

---Replace With----------------------



That table cell (TD) should read something like:
<td valign="middle" nowrap="nowrap">{postrow.PROFILE_IMG} {postrow.PM_IMG} {postrow.WWW_IMG} {postrow.AIM_IMG} {postrow.YIM_IMG} {postrow.MSN_IMG} {postrow.ICQ_IMG}</td> 

Chet, does that make any sense to you? Can you do it without going to too much trouble? If so, I hereby give you a Jean Luc Picard-esque ‘make it so’.


also, the phpBB site lists a v2.0.6 out, i recommend you upgrade to that before patching any files manually.

Sissy. :wink:

I took mine out. Didn’t know it was causing a problem.

I am current using v2.0.6 on my website. No it doesn’t fix the ICQ problem. ICQ is broken.