Can We Talk About Game in H&S?

I was just going to make a post asking why all the software topics were appearing in the hardware section when suddenly it became the hardware and software section. Whoo! Thanks Mark and Tom! Good stuff all around. Now if we can just get Loyd and Jason to answer all our questions really promptly. :)

Hrm. I would assume that talk about the gaming experience, as it were, would go in games, while troubleshooting problems resulting from a gaming experience gone awry would go here.

That’s my guess though. One would probably want to consult the Tom/Mark Oracle in order to know for sure. :)

I think game problems probably belong in the games section, unless it’s an obvious hardware issue.

The “software” part of this forum is designed to be a catchall for non-game software topics, like Windows tweaking, etc. If it’s too confusing, maybe we’ll make this a hardware-only forum.

I am just being a ball buster. I think it’s okay to do it however you like.