Can we talk about Kindle eBooks, Amazon and Astroturfing?

I have to agree on this. It’s hard enough to get a friend or family member to review a book but asking them to create multiple accounts? I don’t think anyone is willing to go through that much trouble for one or two reviews. Again, it is really difficult to get reviews on amazon.

It looks like the book listed in the OP was free for a while. If it’s in amazon prime then the kindle desktop program allows 5 days of free promotion per quarter. If that’s the case then this book was probably downloaded A LOT and when you have a book with that many downloads it will end up getting a lot of reviews.

Last year I used free days to give away about 16K copies of one of my self pubbed books and that in turn led to about 40 new reviews everything from “I would have been furious if I had to pay for this book.” To “Best book I have ever read.”

I’ve also had a few of those “I don’t know why everyone likes this book it sucks” reviews and it doesn’t bother me. One person’s shit is another persons literary nirvana.

Now that I think about it, I have seen this sort of thing myself, but mostly with YA books, especially if those books contain a vulgar word. There was one book I really liked–won a Newberry award, I believe–that was roundly criticized for using the word “scrotum.” Cracks me up.

I’ve had a few reviews complain about a three paragraph sex scene in one of my books. The reviewers never complain about the graphic violence and bloodshed - just the sex.